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The Ultimate Gift Guide For Those ’90s Babies

 Those who grew up in the ‘90s are most probably still looking to relive the good ole days. It was the heyday of pop music, with Britney Spears and Michael Jackson dominating radio stations across the country. Trends like psychedelic colors and towering shoes were all the rage while Nickelodeon was watched by nearly every kid after school. So why not give them the 90s gift of their childhood. 

Feeling nostalgic yet? Well, these ’90s gifts will help you – and your loved one – take a trip down memory lane!

90s Gifts For The Ultimate Nostalgia

Designer Velvet Scrunchies

90's Scrunchies

Without a doubt, the coming summer days will see girls all over the country pulling their hair up in an attempt to stay cool. And, these designer velvet scrunchies are the perfect thing to use! Rock them in a bun or up in a ponytail, these pain-free and comfortable ties will ensure that your hair stays in place and won’t stick to the sweat on your skin. Bringing back fashion from the ‘90s has never been this easy, or this cool – pun intended!

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Retro Sunglasses with Colorful Tinted Lenses

90's Sunglasses

Crazy, psychedelic fashion was in vogue during the 90s and it’s definitely time we bring it back! These sunglasses will help beat the scorching heat while giving everyone else a taste of the hottest fashion trend a decade ago. Stylish, unisex, and designed to protect the wearer from the sun’s harmful rays, these retro shades are the perfect addition to anyone’s summertime wardrobe.

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Printed Slap Bracelets

Slap Bracelets

Who could forget the novelty of slap bracelets? Popular and highly sought after back in the ‘90s – along with butterfly clips and hair scrunchies – these marked you as part of the in-crowd back in the day. While slap bracelets aren’t as well-known or as ubiquitous today, they’ll still make for a great and fun gift that will bring to life all your favorite childhood memories.

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Open Toe Flatform Slide Sandals

90's Platform Slides

Nearly every celebrity and cartoon character of the ‘90s donned a pair of high platform sandals from time to time. These were all the rage a decade ago, worn by iconic pop stars Christina Aguilera, Gwen Stefani, and even Britney Spears! Relive their glory days with this incredible flatform slide sandals; they’re comfortable, functional, and fashionable too.

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Elastic Chokers

90's Chocker

Popularized by the biggest names in ‘90s-era Hollywood, elastic chokers were all the rage back then, beloved by teenaged girls and hated by their well-meaning parents. Now that every ‘90s baby is all grown up, though, it’s time to bring back the accessories that their mothers once abhorred! These brightly-colored necklaces will make for a perfect gift for the fashion-forward friend in your life.

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Polaroid Camera

90s Polaroid Camera

If you had a polaroid camera back in the ‘90s, then you were most definitely part of the It Crowd! Compose your shot, point the camera, and click – then watch as the magic starts to unfold. If you know someone in the mood for some good ole ‘90s nostalgic trip, then this polaroid camera is definitely the perfect gift for them.

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Reebok Vintage Running Shoes

90s Vintage Reeboks

Tennis shoes from Reebok were the hottest thing in the ‘90s and nearly every teenage girl across the United States wanted a pair for herself. These vintage sneakers are still a treat to look at with its classic lines and beautiful design. With a wide range of colors from berry to stellar pink, and from lilac to grey, there’s definitely something to suit everyone’s tastes.

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Butterfly Hair Clips

90s Butterfly Clips

Featured on nearly every magazine cover in the ‘90s, almost every girl in the world had a pair of butterfly clips lying about their bedrooms. These particular ones are extremely long-lasting and durable, made from premium plastic and metal, and available in a wide variety of bright colors. This will surely hold the wearer’s hair in place while keeping them looking fun, fresh, and totally adorable.

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Crewneck Striped Shirt

90s Striped Neon Shirt

Flashy prints and patterns were practically wardrobe staples for every teenager growing up in the ‘90s and large, eye-catching strips were no different. Bring back these fashion statements with this striped crewneck shirt from Romwe. Made with cotton-spandex, it’ll keep the wearer cool and comfortable even during the hottest days of summer.

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Casual High-Waisted Denim Shorts

90's High Waister Shirt

To say that denim was the hottest fashion trend in the ‘90s would be an understatement – I mean, who could forget the iconic outfits worn by pop sensations Justin Timberlake and Britney Spears? The denim craze is slowly making a comeback so make sure you’re at the forefront of this movement by gifting your friend – and yourself – this cute pair of high-waisted denim shorts.

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Nick Rewind All That T-Shirt

90s Gift Guide - All That T-shirt

Growing up in the ‘90s means that the hit TV channel, Nickelodeon, was a huge part of your childhood. Without a doubt, Rugrats and CatDog were shows that you regularly watched after school while Kenan & Kel, as well as All That, were part of your bedtime routine. Take a trip down memory lane in this Nick Rewind All That T-Shirt, featuring the logo of everyone’s favorite comedy series.

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Holographic Fanny Pack

Holographic Fanny Pack

This nifty little thing packs two of the greatest ‘90s fashion trends – holography and fanny packs. The latter is slowly making a comeback, heavily seen on couture runways, streetwear influencers, and outdoor raves. Easy to clean, durable, and extremely convenient, this Holographic Fanny Pack will leave its wearer making a functional fashion statement wherever they go.

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Lisa Frank Sticker Pack

90's Gift Guide - Lisa Frank Art Set

Let’s talk about the perfect 90s gift. Who could ever forget the psychedelic craziness that was Lisa Frank? Thousands of girls across the country collected the brand’s releases, including their sticker packs. This particular one boasts of over a thousand stickers, all uniquely designed and featuring the very best of Lisa Frank, undoubtedly giving the receiver hours of pure fun and excitement.

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Nickelodeon Complete Nick ‘90s Throwback Character T-Shirt

90s Nickelodeon Shirt

Remember Arnold and Helga? Spongebob and Patrick? What about Tommy and Angelica? This printed t-shirt from Nickelodeon themselves will bring to life all your favorite ‘90s cartoon characters. Wear it yourself or give it as a 90s gift – no matter how you use it, this shirt will make for the perfect addition to any ‘90s baby’s wardrobe.

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Skinny Cat-Eye Sunglasses

90s Skinny Sunnies

Along with brightly-colored clothes and embellishments, cat-eye sunglasses were also extremely stylish back in the day. These particular ones are cute, super-skinny, and super comfortable to wear – making them the perfect accessory whenever you’re out and about, Whether you’re roller-skating by the beach or shopping at the mall, these cat-eye sunglasses will take your outfit from zero to hero! They make the perfect 90s gift. 

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Good Burger T-Shirt

Good Burger T-shirt

This iconic comedy film defined those who grew up in the ‘90s, filled with memorable quotes, outrageously hilarious scenes, and sarcastic one-liners. Nearly every kid back then was a huge fan of the movie, quoting its lines and watching it over and over again the minute VHS copies were released. Let your friend – or family member – proudly show off their love for Good Burger with this classic and eye-catching shirt.

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Hella 90s Pop Culture Trivia Game 


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A Tamagotchi 

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The Ultimate '90s Gift Guide

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