About 'The Gift Of Fun'

Hey! I’m Rose, founder of The Gift of Fun. After 30  years, I was sick of receiving generic gifts and touting that it’s the thought that counts. The thought does count, but why not get someone special in your life something they absolutely love. I started creating these ultra-specific gift guides for friends and family, and now I want to share the love. Not only that, by I’m letting my former shopping addiction fuel my creativity and create other holiday guides so that every season is full of fun for you and your family. The coolest Halloween costumes? Check. Non-tacky thanksgiving decor ideas? Check. The one white elephant gift that everyone in the room is fighting for? Check. The best way to stop receiving terrible gifts is to break the cycle. Sure you want to be grateful for everything you receive, and you are, and you love your family and friends regardless, but when you start giving creative and unique gifts that your family can’t stop talking about, it will inspire them to step their name up.

Now, I want to be really transparent with you. You don’t need more stuff in your life. No one does. So what is the point of this site if not to convince you to buy more things that you don’t need? You don’t need to buy any of the things on this site, even though it’s purpose is to make you want to.

What I want to encourage is joy, creativity, and exploration. You’re allowed to like things and want things and buy things that make you feel good. Even better, you’re allowed to buy things for other people that you know they’ll like and maybe if you buy it for them, they’ll like you better.