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Gifts For People Who Love To Bake

We all love pastries. Whether it’s a simple cookie or a complicated chocolate chess pie, the world wouldn’t be the same without pastries! This makes bakers human treasures as they provide us with an endless supply of yummy, tasty treats. So, if your best friend, your mum, husband, sister, or even your employer is a baker, don’t be scared to show your appreciation of their skill with baking gifts! These gifts for people who love to bake will not only puts a smile on their faces, but can also encourage them to keep baking.

The Ultimate Baking Gift Guide

For a list of amazing gifts for bakers in your life, check out this amazing list below!

mixer earrings

Stand Mixer Earrings

Is your favorite baker also a jewelry lover? If she is, you can combine these two favorites of hers and gift her with earrings in the shape of a mixer. Sounds surreal right? Mixer earrings come in bright colors that herald the entry of a baker into any room. They are also super adorable items that will definitely put a smile on her face!

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whisk scrapper

Whisk Wipers

Baking can be a very messy affair, which is often stressful for bakers. Gifting your loved one with whisk wipers can help hasten the cleanup process. Whisk wipers prevent batter from spilling all over the kitchen slabs and floors. They also prevent the whisk from falling into the mixing bowl –a very common occurrence when baking, and make cleaning the whisk easier. This makes them items any baker would love to have in their baking starter kit.

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egg yolk separator

Egg Separator

Some pastries require only the use of egg whites. This means that bakers often have to separate egg whites from yolks when baking. An egg separator makes this chore super easy and, of course, speeds up the baking process!

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bundt pan

Bundt Pan

A perfect Bundt cake must be baked and browned uniformly. This can be a bit tough to achieve unless you have a high-quality Bundt pan, which makes the process a piece of cake (pun intended). So consider gifting your loved ones with a great Bundt pan for their baking starter kit.

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Stand Mixers

standing mixer A baker can never have too many mixers. Okay, maybe they can, but they can always use a new one! Stand Mixers are one of the best equipment for baking cakes because they are hands-free equipment. This means that you can leave your flour and sugar in the mixer to blend while you proceed with other aspects of baking. If you notice your favorite baker uses only hand mixers, you can surprise him/her with Stand Mixers.

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cake strips

Cake Strips

Cake strips are more or less baking cheat codes. They help bakers ensure that a cake comes out evenly shaped. When buying this gift for your loved one, choose strips in their favorite colors just so they can see how well you know them!

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marble pastry boards

Marble Pastry Boards

Marble pastry boards make the rolling aspect of baking super easy because they provide smooth surfaces for rolling dough and fondant. They also protect countertops from getting beat up by the rolling pin –figuratively, of course.

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kitchen conversions poster

Kitchen Conversions

If there’s one kitchen experience every baker has had, it’s trying to scroll through the internet for conversions with hands covered in flour. With kitchen conversions, your favorite baker can simply glance at it for information, even when he/she is elbow deep in batter.

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       vintage oven mitts 

Mittens and Potholders

Mittens and potholders are wonderful gifts for people who love to bake. This is because bakers use ovens frequently and mittens make it safer for them to carry hot pans. If your mum or your husband makes use of napkins while baking, you can gift them mittens or potholders to add to their baking starter kit!

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bread loaf bakers

Loaf Bakers

Bread Bakers, without a doubt, are one of the best innovations of the century. This equipment ensures that while baking, the bread has the perfect amount of humidity. It also creates that perfect loaf shape without the use of a pan. Bread bakers are one of the best gifts for bakers so consider getting them one!

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proofing basket for bakers

Proofing Basket

In case you didn’t already know; no, proofing baskets aren’t for baking bread. They’re baskets designed to give your bread the right structure during proofing. A proofing basket of great quality is also easy to clean and doesn’t shed woodchips. So for your baker friend who loves making fresh loaves daily, proofing baskets are gifts they are sure to love!

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proofing baking kit

Proofing Set

If you don’t mind spending a few extra bucks, instead of a simple proofing basket, you can gift a person who loves to bake a proofing set instead! A proofing set comes complete with a proofing basket, a butter brush, an egg white filter, linen liner cloth, and a bread lame. This set makes it ten times easier to bake bread, especially for people who enjoy baking bread every morning.

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bakers gonna bake apron

Baking Aprons

Instead of gifting a baker with the regular plain red or checked aprons, how about you go for something with a funny and catchy write-up? These baking aprons are super functional as they protect clothes and provide pockets for phones and keys. They simply go a step further by making the baking experience more fun. This makes them the perfect gift for birthdays, Christmas, Thanksgiving, Mother’s Day, and even Valentine’s Day!

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No one likes a soggy bottom mug

Cute Mugs

The last item on this list of gifts for people who love to bake are mugs. Every baker needs a mug to make coffee to go with croissants or cookies. This means that, even though they probably already have a mug set at home, they will always be happy to receive more. For special occasions or on days when you simply want to appreciate your loved one, a nice mug with creative write-ups will definitely do the trick!

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With this list of gifts for bakers, you can give your favorite baker something he/she is sure to love. So how about you get them one or two of these items and put a smile on their faces today?!

The ultimate baking gift guide