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Crystal Water Bottles for Healing and Hydration

Seeking out crystals for happiness and mental health is hardly a modern-day trend. Ancient Romans used them for protection, while Egyptians were known to make them part of their legendary burial practices. The ancient Chinese went as far as to use crystals in medicine. Nowadays, you can carry this magic and stay hydrated with crystal water bottles. 

There’s something to be said of these beliefs and practices echoing over the ages. By reinventing how cyrstals fit into our modern lives, we’re also preserving their beleifs and implementing them in new ways. While you can certainly still keep crystals around to harness energies that need some nurturing, a crystal water bottle is just as practical as it is pretty.

How do crystal water bottles work?

Crystal water bottles bring together healing and hydration for a safe and healthy ritual. If you’re feeling hungry, tired, or any sort of low throughout the day, it’s always a good first step to drink water.

Buying a crystal water bottle is an investment and a commitment to yourself. Your wellbeing literally flourishes when you’re hydrated, and your spiritual health can get a little pick-me-up throughout the day through crystal infusion.

Benefits of Crystal Water Bottles

Crystals bring a source of light, inspiration, and power into our lives, just as they did for our ancient ancestors. To harness the right power and make magic happen, it’s all about choosing the right crystal.

If you’re new to the game, or just need a refresher, there are a few core crystals to consider when concocting a crystal elixir.

  • Rose quartz is one of the most popular. Known for its relationship with the heart chakra, it brings a sense of emotional strength and empowers love.
  • The purple crystal amethyst is known as a stone of protection. According to crystal purveyors and experts at Energy Muse, it reflects light and energy, helping to clear negative thoughts, stress, and anxiety. For this, it’s associated with the head chakra.
  • Clear quartz is the ultimate in clarity and healing. It helps to clear the mind and strengthen the heart, and can be used, in general, to bring in light.

There are plenty of other crystals that can bring positivity into your life outside of this core trio. Citrine, tourmaline, and hematite are other great crystals to consider working with to harness positivity.

How to make your own crystal elixir

When it comes to making crystal elixir, you should be sure to avoid doing it completely on your own. Dropping crystal directly into your water could pose some risk of releasing toxins or fragmenting and being swallowed.

The Best Crystal Water Bottles 

1. Seahome Crystal Water Bottles

     Seahome crystal water bottle

This water bottle offers you a heaping dose of crystal power. The glass bottle features a prominent crystal point at its core. The crystal point is a shape that helps direct energy in a specific direction. In the case of this crystal water bottle, that means it goes directly inward!

The options here are between rose quartz’s power of love or the stress-relief offered by amethyst. The crystal is suspended directly within the water, giving you direct contact with crystal energy–and a beautiful water bottle to boot.

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2. ULTAURA Crystal Bottle

 Ulataura crystal water bottle

For those who have trouble downing water all day, or just those who love tea, this water bottle is the perfect vessel for your crystal elixir. It’s made of double-walled borosilicate glass, meaning it’s shatter resistant and retains the internal temperature of your drink for longer.

The beautiful glass body is stamped with the signs of all seven chakras, serving you a reminder to stay zen. Of course, the real magic comes from the crystals. This bottle comes with a starter pack of rose quartz, clear quartz, and amethyst, ideal for beginners, as well as a neoprene protector.

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3. Nova Crystal Elixer Bottle

nova crystal water bottle

There’s no tea infuser here, just 15 ounces of refreshing water and crystal power. The high-quality borosilicate glass makes up the body and separates the crystal chamber from the water supply. You can choose between amethyst or rose quartz in your purchase, but you still have the flexibility of swapping crystals.

Since we know unwrapping a new gift is half of the fun, we also love that this one comes in a gorgeous box and includes a neoprene protective sleeve.

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4. VitaJuwel Era Crystal Water Decanter

Crystal water decanter

Crystal enthusiasts, collectors, and true witches, we see you and know you’ll adore this. While you probably won’t want to bring this bottle on the road with you, this 44-ounce decanter is sure to be a centerpiece showstopper.

Instead of holding the crystals at the bottom, amethyst, rose quartz and clear quartz dangle from the top in a raindrop-style infuser. You can’t swap the crystals like you can with other models, but they already have you covered with the essential selection of rose quartz, clear quartz, and amethyst.

The sleek body and selection of core crystals within this decanter is all intentional to help to balance your chakras. You’re sure to have a well-balanced dinner party with this as the main attraction.

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5. Gemstone Well Elixir2Go Crystal Bottle

elixer2go crystal water bottle

This Elixir2Go water bottle is the answer to those who love having variety. This minimalist bottle gives you some of the biggest range of options. Explore a deeper range of crystals, with options like hematite, smoky quartz, citrine, and blue apatite all sourced from Brazil. If you already have your own set of crystals, this bottle allows you to easily swap them into the chamber.

The bottle is made with borosilicate glass and comes with a protective neoprene cover. Even in the event that you do break it, you’re covered by a lifetime warranty with this brand.

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6. Zentrinsic Crystal Bottle

zentristic crystal water bottle

Having a shatter-resistant bottle and a protective neoprene sleeve is somewhat of a standard when it comes to crystal elixirs. The Zentrinsic offers both of these things and a lifetime warranty in the leakproof crystal water bottle with a tapered mouth and strap.

This bottle also provides variety to every customer. Each comes with rose quartz, amethyst, and clear quartz, allowing you to mix and match as you see fit (with a handy information sheet to help guide your decision each time).

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7. Azura Ciela Design Infinity Gems Crystal Bottle

infinity crystal water bottle

The Infinity Gems Crystal Water Bottle favors simplicity. It’s sturdy borosilicate glass create the base and the screw top. The wide mouth makes it easy-to-fill, and you can full it’s beautiful inverted chamber with provided rose quartz and amethyst, or infused with your own crystal selection. An added neoprene case makes sure you protect your precious elixir.

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8. Gem Flask BPA Free Crystal Bottle

gem flask crystal water bottle

Like Infinity Gems, the Gem Flask water bottle uses high quality glass to construct this bottle with a beautiful inverted crystal chamber. You’ll receive both pink quartz and amethyst starter packs for creating elixirs, but can swap for your own.

Where this bottle stands out is its environmentalism. They forego a stainless steel cover for a more natural bamboo lid. This bottle is the ultimate in natural, with BPA & Lead-Free High Glass and no plastic whatsoever.

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To Conclude, we’ve discussed Crystal Bottles for Healing and Hydration and reviewed some of the bottles you can pick from. This can be the perfect gift for your loved ones, which will make them remind you and fill their lives with love and positivity.


Last Updated on June 23, 2020