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How to Build a Home Gym for Under $100

Let’s face it. We can all move our bodies more. Gyms are cool and all, but personally, I’d rather be in an air-conditioned room without 20 other people watching me work out. The phrase “home gym” can sound elitist or make evoke visions of mansions with glass rooms and expensive machinery. The truth is though, a home gym is so much more accessible than you think. There are so many affordable alternatives to the gym equipment you know and love that are just as effective at getting you on your feet and your body moving. So can you build a home gym, under $100?

I was curious just how affordable it could be to build a home gym for yourself, and I found I was able to do it in less than $100. Even if you buy every item on this list, you’ll still be under $200, but you can save even more by choosing 3-4 of these things and setting up your own little workout sanctuary in the comfort of your own home. 

1. A dumbbell rack to get those daily reps in.

This dumbbell rack comes with 6 weights, in three sizes and is the perfect size to fit in any style work out room. Whether you have a whole room or just a corner, you can easily tuck them away for when you need them. 

Price: $36

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2. A jump rope makes the perfect cardio companion

Jumping is just as effective a cardio method as running. A treadmill is big and bulky and quite frankly, pretty boring. Let’s get a jump rope in rotation for an easy bout of cardio. You can even learn some new tricks to switch up. 

Price: $7

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3. The thigh master is making a comeback

Move over Suzanne Sommers, the thigh master is back. This might seem like your mom’s workout tool, but when you can’t get to a gym, it’s a perfect replacement to a thigh or hip abductor. It takes up virtually no room, and it’s light enough to move around and seamlessly store in your home. 

Price: $7

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4. Resistance bands & fitness sliders = hundreds of at-home workouts


With a set of resistance bands and these floor sliders, every day can be leg day. Just make sure you don’t have to walk up many flights of stairs for at least 48 hours. They come in 2 sets of colors and you can use them for 100+ different workouts. 

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5. Foam Exercise Mat


Once you have your equipment, you need a comfy place to get shit done. These foam mats are perfect to layer on top of your floor and protect the hardwood or carpet from your workout. They snap together and you can create as big or small of a workout space as you need. They also provide great support for your body during any floor exercises, and are way more padded than a yoga mat. 

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An exercise ball for yoga, crunches and more. 

An exercise ball is fun you inflate. There are hundreds of ways to use it to work out. If you don’t have enough space,e you can easily deflate it, store it, and re-inflate it when you need it. When you’re not using it to work out, it makes a great desk chair that packs a bit of an ab workout. 

Price: $9

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