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10 Perfect Gifts for Dog Moms and Dads

If you’re friends with devoted dog parents, then chances are, you know how hard it is to shop for them. The fickle nature of their little one means that they’ll most probably never be satisfied with any toy you get them. Dog treats? They’re SO hard to get right! A calendar with doggo pictures? Possible, but they seem a little impersonal, yes?

The perfect gift for a dog owner isn’t easy to come by. 

But here’s the thing – a happy pup means a happy owner so to ensure that your friend doesn’t go bonkers over their fur-babies mood, we’ve scoured almost the entire Internet to bring you some excellent items that every dog will surely love.

From cool apparel to high-tech devices, these ten unique items are the perfect gifts for dog moms, or for dog owners in general. 

Dog Leash Holder Sign 

dog leash sign

Proud owners of a furry friend – or two – are undoubtedly well-versed in how pesky and frustrating leashes are! They always seem to get lost right when you’re about to head out the door. This leash holder, however, ensures that your beloved dog parent never runs into this problem again. Easy installation, pleasing to the eye, and the perfect size for hanging on the wall – they’ll always be ready when their precious doggo wants to go for a walk.

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Alex and Ani Dog Lover Bracelet 

alex and ani bracelet

Want your friend to be reminded of their beloved dog wherever they go? Well, this stunning bracelet is the perfect thing for them! Featuring a sparkling paw and several other cute charms, they’ll definitely turn heads whenever they have this on their arm. Plus, the company behind this beautiful piece of jewelry – Alex and Ani – are known for donating to non-profit organizations across the globe; treat your friend, as well as those in need by gifting this cool bracelet.

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Dog Mom Cap 

dog mom hat

We’re slowly entering the dog days – pun intended – of July, so what better way to show the world that your friend is a proud pooch parent than by giving them this adorable denim cap? It’s completely adjustable so even those who claim that their heads are absolutely massive will find this comfortable to wear. It’s made from high-quality fabric so they won’t feel icky and sweaty even when they’re under the heat of the sun. Let them look good, feel good, and stay protected from the scorching summer. One of the best gifts for dog moms who love the outdoors. 

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Dog Mom Mug

dog mom gift mug

A huge mug of steaming hot coffee is a daily necessity, especially when your friend has a long day at work to look forward to. So start their day off right with great-tasting brew sipped from a piece of funky drinkware. Cute, fun, and functional, this mug will bring a smile on their face even on the most sluggish of mornings. Without a doubt, this will be the perfect gift for dog moms. 

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“I’m Only Talking To My Dog Today” shirt

dog tshirt

Does your friend ever get into those moods when they don’t want to interact with anyone but their pup? Then make sure others know too by letting them put on this outrageously sarcastic graphic tee. It’s the right fit for all sorts of occasions, whether they’re heading out to run some errands or chilling at home bingeing yet another series on Netflix. Additionally, the shirt’s unique poly-cotton blend guarantees that they’ll stay cool and comfortable even on the hottest days of summer.

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Dog Mom Sweatshirt 

dog mom sweater

If you’re looking for the perfect addition to any dog parent’s wardrobe, then look no further than this stylish graphic pullover! Those who have purchased this sweater have given it nothing but rave reviews and your friend will surely rake in the compliments every single time they wear this. Good-looking, extremely comfortable, and made of excellent quality, this will undoubtedly take their outfits-of-the-day to the next level.

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Dog Butt Coloring Book 

dog butt coloring book

Every dog parent will love this hilarious adult coloring book – and that’s a fact! Challenge them to stay inside the lines as they color a bunch of dogs presenting their butts; from corgis to pugs, and from labradors to chihuahuas, this nifty thing is sure to bring them tons of fun and belly-aching laughs.

But besides an uproarious afternoon of coloring, this book is also a great way to get some much-needed rest and relaxation – definitely perfect for dog parents whose stress levels need to come down!

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Treat Dispensing Dog Camera

dog treat camera

Dog parents will go on and on about how demanding their little pup is when it comes to tasty treats. But the thing is – no owner can be present every single time their little creature wants one. This handy treat tosser, however, solves that problem! Equipped with a powerful sensor, along with two-way audio, this incredible device will allow parents to toss treats to their dogs even if they’re not at home! It connects to their smartphones via an app, which ensures that they can spoil their little fur baby wherever they are. Besides that, this cool treat tosser is equipped with a high-definition camera so they’ll be able to check on their pup at all times.

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Pooch Selfie Phone Case

pooch dog selfie stick

When the Pooch Selfie premiered on the hit reality show, Shark Tank, viewers at home were scrambling to order one for themselves. After all, who wouldn’t want a squeaker ball that would allow them to take the best doggie selfies ever? That’s right, your friend will never have to tire themselves out trying to take a photo with their hyperactive pup with this phenomenal pooch selfie!

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Portable Dog Paw Washer

dog paw washer

Is your friend always complaining about muddy paws and dirty tracks? Then make sure to gift them this portable Dog Paw Washer – a handy little thing that will allow them to wash off their pup’s paws wherever they go. Simple and extremely easy to use, they’ll definitely keep this on hand for the next muddy encounter. This Dog Paw Washer is sure to become any dog parent’s best friend – after their beloved pup, that is!

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