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How To Dress Like Schitt’s Creek’s David Rose (On A Budget)

Colostomy bag pants aside, David Rose is the pansexual style icon we’ve been searching for. And you don’t have to have a “Rose Video” budget to rock his signature style. We’ve scoured the internet and found some of our favorite variations of these David Rose favorites. Check out our favorite David Rose looks that you can find on a budget, and any body type!

David Rose Sweaters, and Accessories

If there’s one thing we know about David’s style is that he loves a bold sweater. His sweaters tend to make a statement, and be cozy enough to shame-eat in (not that we ever feel shame for eating) While some of the original species David wears can cost upwards of $700, the sweaters on our list all come in at under $30. David might not approve of these bargain versions of his things, but our wallets do. Besides, you can count them as a write-off, right?

To really embody David’s style, you need to focus on the details. From his signature shades to his knuckle rings, he puts thought into every aspect of his wardrobe. So to complete the look, check out some of our favorite David-inspired accessories.

  1. Lightning Bolt Sweater
  2. The other lightning bolt shirt
  3. This “Icon”-ic crew neck
  4. Nonchalance crew neck
  5. Black and white color block knit
  6. Floral crewneck pullover
  7. Wild Aloof Rebel Pullover
  8. “Don’t” T-shirt 
  9. Casual Rose Pullover
  10. Rose Apothecary Hoodie 
  11. Colostomy bag pants 
  12. Knuckle rings 
  13. White shades
  14. Converse Sneakers 

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