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How to Dress like ‘The Nanny’ aka Fran Fine

Bright colors, leopard prints, midriffs, skin tight minis, neon and her choice of turtle necks made Fran Fine one of the best fashion icons of the 90s. Her out-of-the-box styles along with her nonchalant attitude of dressing tacky and never feeling the need to tone it down despite her mountain loads of debt has always put her on the top of the fashion world.

While our list contains picks that shows The Nanny star’s fearless fashion sense, you can always mix and match it according to your own personal tastes or go full on cosplay-mode and look like the spitting image of Fran Fine.

Whichever is your choice, if your goal is to go out flashy, make bold fashion statements, and stand out in the crowd as the best dressed in the room, then then who to imitate than this fashion idol?

Playful Sophistication

Go bold and beautiful in this gorgeous dress by checking out the links for the clothes below:

Fran Fine outfits

This outfit is what you call sophistication with a bit of flashy and that’s exactly what Fran Fine’s attires were known for. A subtle red glove and a red bag with a striking fascinator is what gives this gorgeous black and white dress its extravagant flair. Heading out for an exclusive gathering or event? Then stand out in the crowd and turn heads by imitating this look from the hat to the shoes.

Hairstyle: If you’re going to opt for the hat then show off your beautiful hair by keeping it loose. You can go both ways by curling it or letting it be in its natural straight state. If you want to forego the hat, then go ahead and tie it up into buns, high ponies or stylish side sweeps

Make-up: Put on striking red lipstick to match the reds in the dress. Give your cheeks a bit of blush. Keep the eyeliners and mascaras subtle so you don’t overdo it.

Genie Vibes

Sparkle in purple with the two piece set in these links:

The Nanny Outfits

Show off a bit of your skin with a midriff and skirt that screams “modern genie”. You don’t need a costume party or wait for Halloween to come around to don this gorgeous purple. All you need is a bit of confidence, a playful mood, a taste in fashion and you will be drawing eyes for all the right reasons.

Hairstyle: Round off the magical look with fluffy perms. Half up-half-down dos will also work gorgeously. Purples match great with blondes and darks alike so don’t hesitate to dye your hair in the lighter or darker shades. If you want to bring out the whole genie vibe, then high ponies will do the trick.

Make-up: Shades of pinks for lipsticks will look stunning with this skirt and top. Eyeliners and light eye shadows will give the finishing touch.

Camouflage in Style!The Nanny Outfits

You’re just one click away from getting these clothes today:

If anyone says camouflages can’t be stylish then they haven’t seen what Fran can do with it. With both the jacket and shorts in military look, Fran’s got this battledress style down to a T! This ensemble paired with a rough and tough attitude is the perfect combo for tough cookies, tomboys and fashionistas that are not fans of bright colors.

Hairstyle: Open hairstyles will make you the perfect Fran Fine replica but if you want to play around and experiment, then French braids and Mermaid Tail braids will also suite the tough look.

Make-up: Natural make-up suites this look the best. So remember to keep it simple but peppy and chic with a slightly bright lipstick.

Style it up: If you want to give your camouflage a bit more style then add a brown beret, transparent black stockings and knee-high black boots.

The Hot Feline

Dress like The Nanny

Buy them all with ease from these links!

Fran has worn some iconic leopard prints throughout the series from dresses to two pieces and one of her hottest looks is the all black with a contrasting leopard print mini. A combination of a simple formula: black turtleneck, black tights, black boots + a simple skirt was enough to take those subtle pieces and turn it into an entire glamorous outfit. Own those clubs, parties and hangouts by looking like a sexy feline with a sassy attitude.

Hairstyle: Curl up your long or short hair to bring out your cat-like personality. Back combed hair and puffs will also look striking with the entire get-up.

Make-up: Evening make up will highlight your pretty face while working well together with the clothes. Cat eyeliners and bold red lipstick is sure to make you irresistible.

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