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How to Dress like Rachel Green from Friends

There is no doubt that Rachel Green was one of the most stylish women to grace the screen in the 1990’s. With her peppy outfits, girl-next-door hairdos, and a fun personality, her sense of style remains a source of inspiration even two decades later!

So it’s a given that Rachel’s ever-green style is still trending into the modern era with the younger generation still looking up to the Friends’ character for fashion ideas. With her simple tees, loose pants, miniskirts and her graceful dresses, we’ve picked out four of her glamorous outfits that go with all occasions from casual outings to parties. So keep scrolling to see what style suits you and shop the pieces of clothes by clicking on the links.

The Lazy Lounge Pants

Imitate this glamorous casual look by checking out the links below

No wardrobe is complete without a “go-to” outfit for a quick run to the supermarket, a relaxed off-day at the park or for just lazy-ing at home with your friends or family. So if you are planning for a lazy day, do it as fashionably as Rachel did with comfy beige lounge pants and a simple white, short-sleeved tee for contrasting and soothing colors.

Hairstyle tips: This casual look goes with any casual hair-do. So don’t be afraid to get a messy bun, loose hair, half-ponies or any hairstyle that fits your relaxed mood!

Your make-up: This outfit is not heavy on make-up. A simple morning style or a quick nude-make up would complete the overall package.

Well Plaid!

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A school-girl look that still rocks 26 years later! Rachel Green brought the pretty plaid skirt to the screen before Britney Spears wore a somewhat similar outfit in Clueless years later. If you’re feeling particularly cheeky, match your attitude with a mini-plaid skirt and a modest turtle neck. To round-off the girlish look, grab some matching stockings and your outfit is set.

Hairstyle tips:  Tie your hair into a high bun to give a smart touch to your style. Frame a couple of strands around your face and you will look irresistible!

Your make-up: Remember not to go too bold with the make-up. Keep it simple, classy and sassy!

The Iconic Black

Look like a celebrity in an uncanny outfit. The links below will lead you there!

Make a dramatic entrance  and turn heads with this iconic Rachel Green outfit. Loved throughout the years and worn by different celebs and models alike, this black sleeveless dress is synonymous with Friends. Whether it’s a Halloween party, a fancy dinner or any other occasion, you can never go wrong with this bold and beautiful black.

Hairstyle tips:  A bob haircut is the perfect combo for this look. If you have naturally straight hair, set it up to a short or long bob hairstyle. And don’t forget the hairpin.

Your make-up: Add a cat eyeliner and bold dark lipstick. This kind of style is where you can get a little creative and play it up or down according to the occasion.

Added jewelry: Go the extra mile by imitating Rachel’s choice of jewelry. A pearl bracelet and a blue ring will bring out the vintage vibes.

Dreamy Denims

Time to add some denim to your wardrobe. See how you can dress up like a sporty Rachel by clicking the links below

Denim lovers, don’t fret! We’ve, or rather, Rachel’s got your back! If you want to wear some blues that’s great for summer time or a sporty look, then this short overalls is the perfect outfit. Topped with a dark blue blazer and striking white sneakers, show off your feminine beauty in a tomboy style.

Hairstyle tips:  Straight cuts, medium length hair, short dos, pixies, bob styles can all go with this sporty style. If you’ve got any of the above, then you’re already half-way there.

Your make-up:  Tomboy styles are all low on the make-up so put on some light lipstick and nude blushes. Keep it fresh, chic and cool. 

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