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Eco Friendly Gifts You Can Feel Good About Giving

The world is changing, and so is the climate. While buying new types of deodorant or toothpaste won’t do much in terms of environmentalism, taking small steps to reduce the amount of waste you use can make a difference in other ways. By committing to buying eco friendly gifts for holidays and birthdays you can make a small impact that will build good habits. You’ll produce less garbage, and develop more mindful shopping habits, and you might even save some money.

We’ve compiled some of our favorite eco-friendly gifts and items that make perfect holiday or birthday gifts, or a treat for yourself.

12 Eco Friendly Gifts We Love 

All-Natural Handmade Backpack

Here’s where this Maha Bodhi Himalayan backpack comes into play.

This handmade made bag will not only accommodate books, laptops, and other items but will protect them as well thanks to the Himalayan hemp and heavy-duty cotton it is made up of. It is meant to bear a lot of weight and lasts for a longer time than usual backpacks.

There are multiple compartments in the bag, including multiple pockets, which make it a convenient gift for kids.

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Reusable Produce Bags


When it comes to eco-friendly gifts, reusable produce bags are a necessity. They can turn out to be excellent eco-friendly Amazon gift ideas too. Speaking of which, Naturally Sensible’s Reusable Produce bags are a convenient reusable produce bag.

It’s a multipurpose product that can be used to carry things, store them, and even to keep fruits.

These nylon bags are super durable since they are composed of Nylon. However, what makes them one of the best eco-friendly gifts is that they come in a variety of colors, and you pick anyone that you adore.

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Reusable Sandwich Bags

Reusable zip-lock bags are the new trend when it comes to giving someone a small, affordable yet stylish gift. Vookoo’s Reusable sandwich bags fit the bill.

These come in a pack of 10 and are FDA approved. Hence, they can be reused without any worries. You can place eatables, stationary and other smaller items in it.

They are good eco-friendly gifts since they are silicon made and have a zip lock mechanism as well. This will ensure that your valuables remain safe inside.

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Reusable Makeup Removing Wipes


If you have a daughter or a female friend who is a makeup enthusiast, then this one definitely makes it to the eco-friendly Amazon gift ideas.

Housables Makeup removing wipe kit is a cool gift that is super handy. You get the following in the package:

16 makeup removing pads.
Two headbands.
One travel pouch.

With these, you can wash your face anywhere you like. Moreover, they are soft and eliminate the worry of producing waste.

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Collapsible Metal Straws


The threat that single-use plastics pose to our planet is undeniable. Due to these, we are on the verge of rendering our planet uninhabitable. This is why we need alternatives to plastics such as these collapsible metal straws by AQuS.

These straws are super compact and hence are easy to carry anywhere. Simply clip them on your keychain or the case of your air pods, and play your part in saving our home.

Not only they are BPA free but have an ergonomic mouth to protect your lips from burning in case the beverage is hot.

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101 Ways To Go Zero Waste


We have all heard about how we are damaging the planet with our wasteful habits, but only a handful of us know what we can do to stop it. This is where this incredible guide to waste reduction comes in. You can gift this eco-friendly gift book called 101 Ways To Go Zero Waste to a friend or a loved one!

Use this detailed yet easy to comprehend guide to teaching your little ones about eco-friendly practices. You might just save the Earth!

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Beeswax Food Wrap


When it comes to showing your thanks to somebody, what better thing to gift them than a non-guilty conscience? This is what you will be getting your dear ones when you get them this alternative to plastic wrap in the kitchen.

Consider this Beeswax food wrap by Swoofe as it is eco-friendly, reusable, and cost-effective. They are non-toxic and a viable fit to store edibles such as fruits, bread, sandwiches, etc.

The highlight of this food wrap is that it is FDA and LFGB approved, and they are also effortless to wash. Simply rinse them in cold water or use soap if necessary.

By using these in your kitchen, you will not only be saving the planet but also your pocket.

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Live Green: 52 Steps For a More Sustainable Life


As we stand on the verge of climatic doom, there is a considerable need for everybody to adopt a greener lifestyle. This guide called Live Green: 52 Steps for a More Sustainable Life on living a sustainable life tells you exactly how you can do that.

Containing hundreds of tips and tricks, this guide will benefit you at every point of your life. It is the perfect gift to get your kids and teach them the responsibility they have over mother earth.

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Cork Cover Notebook


Who doesn’t love a pretty notebook to write in? But when your journal is produced following eco-friendly practices, you have all the more right to be proud of it.

This cork hardcover notebook makes the perfect gift for your writer friend. With this on them, they will never have to jot down ideas on bits and pieces of paper when inspiration strikes.

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Vegan Wallet


The sustainable fashion revolution is well underway. Fast fashion is a thing of the past, and we are now more aware of the effects that it can have on our surroundings. This is why the vegan wallet makes such a thoughtful, eco-friendly gift for the fashionista in your life.

Incredibly lightweight, premium quality, and unisex design make this wallet a favorite with everybody. Now flaunt your looks without having environmental guilt weighing down on your shoulders.

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Eco Wool Dryer Balls


Your daily laundry contributes an immense amount to the harmful effects we can see on our environment today. This is why being eco-conscious in your everyday life is such a huge necessity. For example, these eco wool dryer balls by FriendSheep can significantly lower your carbon footprint.

These dryer balls are available in super cute designs and made with the safest choice materials. This makes them an instant hit with everybody and all ages.

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Polarized wooden sunglasses 


Use less plastic and look amazing doing it. These sunglasses are classic and stylish and look good and on pretty much everybody. The best part is that they are polarized, just like your favorite luxury sunglasses, so you’re getting eco-friendly sun protection and a classic style that looks great with any outfit. 

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Hydro Flask water bottle 


Hydro Flasks are known for keeping hot things hot for 12 hours and cold things cold for up to 24 hours or more. So not only can you say no to single-use water bottles, but you can enjoy ice-cold water for hours, if not days after your plastic water bottle would have baked in the sun. 

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