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How to Dress Like Emily in Paris on a Budget

Emily in Paris made headlines not just for its interesting storyline that is totally entertaining and a perfect weekend treat, but also for the trend-breaking stylish outfits that Emily Cooper wore throughout the series. If you’ve binge-watched this series then you’ve probably become obsessed with her wardrobe just like we have.

Patricia Field mixed up some stunning designer pieces to bring out the whole French fashion to the screen through Emily. For those out there who can’t really afford those branded designer wears, here is our twist of Emily’s look alike fashion on a budget. We might not know about walking around the Eiffel Tower but we for sure know how to dress in that Parisian style!

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The Elegant Sundress

Get ready for summer with this sunny dress

It’s technically a top and skirt (don’t worry, we got fooled the first time too) but it could totally pass as a gorgeous long dress.

Perfect for a day out in summer, this beautiful long yellow sundress is your call if you’re feeling perky and happy under the daylight. Although Emily wore this as an office attire (and you can too), it is totally suitable for a casual lunch (date or not) or if you are planning to go for a nice classy evening tea time with colleague-friends.

Pair the yellow and black dress with a matching black belt and black shoes and you will be a replica of Emily Cooper.

Hairstyle tips: Loose is the way to go with this outfit. Doesn’t matter if your hair is short, long or medium, forego your hair ribbons and let the wind pass through your strands. If you’re really inspired, perm it a little and style it up for the perfect look.

Your make-up: Go for a summer make-up and don’t hesitate to make it pop. Put on some classic cherry red lipstick and eyeliner to make your beautiful face as bright as the dress.

Girl’s Day Out

Be glamorous in your casuals with the outfits in the links below

Don’t let a casual day stop you from being the fashionista that you are. Pump up the blue jeans and white top pairing with a bit of Emily Cooper twist. This outfit is perfect if you plan to go for a stroll in the city, hangout with your friends or just some casual outing. Top it off with a white belt and a matching bag to complete the set.

Hairstyle tips: Casuals can work well with pony tails, half ponies or loose hair. If you plan to wear a hat, remember to style your hair according to your comfort. We don’t want it falling of your head now do we? Style is priority but so is comfort!

Your make-up: Pat some daytime style onto your cheeks and add a bit of dark lipstick to compliment the dark blue jeans. This also the perfect outfit if you want to go for some nude but pretty make-up.

Best for Berets

Dress up in a typical Parisian style by clicking these links

Our “Emily in Paris” outfit collection wouldn’t be complete without a dress that is the epitome of a Parisan.

This very tres chic blazer set is perfect for both street styles or if you are planning to go to that sophisticated exhibition in town. The highlight of this outfit is the red beret. Pair that with a side-shoulder bag and black high-heeled pumps to blend in the Paris crowd.

Hairstyle tips: The best hairstyle for a beret is a curly side sweep. Curl your hair, throw one side over your shoulder and the other behind your other shoulder for a feminine and elegant look.

Your make-up: Keep it chic and light to give a smart and professional look. Make sure the lipstick isn’t too dark and your blushes aren’t too strong.

The Ravishing Red

Bring out your ravishing beauty with this stunning dress

Let your sex appeal shine in this gorgeous, hot red mini. This short dress is your perfect pick for a date night or a club night. This simple yet cleverly designed outfit suits a sassy and playful mood and will make you look irresistible. Add a bold, black belt to compliment the dress and a stylish black purse to help you carry your things of course.

Hairstyle tips: Waves will look great for medium and long hair. If you have it short, give it some nice twist and curls.

Your make-up: If it’s a club night then go ahead and experiment with bold make-up. Make your eyes stand out with some nice mascara. Dark lipsticks will go well with the dark outfit. If it’s a date night, go for a nice stylish, evening make-up.

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Emily In Paris Outfits (on a budget) Emily In Paris Outfits (on a budget) Emily In Paris Outfits (on a budget)

Emily In Paris Outfits (on a budget)