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How to Dress Like The Girls From HBO’s Euphoria

It’s every Halloween partier’s dilemma: stylish or scary? With a costume based on Euphoria, you get a little bit of both. After all, the teens in this shadowy series battle the toughest demons of them all: Grief, addiction, depression, anxiety, teenage boys… And, as is compulsory in any teen drama: they look damn good doing it. Isn’t that gruesome glamour what Halloween is all about? 

The bonus of a Euphoria costume is that the characters wear street clothes, so you may already own some essential items. You’ll look cute while feeling comfy enough to dance all night.

Let’s just hope your party going companions will keep you out of HBO level trouble.

Rue Bennett 

Here are links to some Rue-inspired staples

Who wouldn’t want to be Zendaya for a night? She’s gorgeous, talented, and plays the main character on the show. Rue Bennet’s style is early 90s grunge meets late 90s glitter.

The Hair

If your hair is naturally straight, this is going to be the most time-consuming part of the ensemble. Grab your styling wand and a teasing comb, because you aren’t Rue without wild curly tresses.

The Make-Up:

Rue keeps her makeup pretty light, but her most memorable look is the glitter tears, which she does different versions of throughout the show. Don’t be daunted by this look, it’s actually quite easy to pull off. 

We love this makeup tutorial, inspired mainly by the starry look from the Winter Formal episode.

The Outfit

Don’t get too fussy. Stick to baggy, skater chic. If you aren’t sure what to wear, a red hoodie is instantly recognizable. Just don’t skip the converse shoes- they’re a Rue staple.

Maddy Perez Outfit

Here are links to build your own budget version of this iconic Maddy outfit:

Maddy is far from perfect, but she knows what she wants and exactly how to get it. Harness that power for the night with a tribute to this glam goddess.

The Hair:

Maddy’s look may be tricky to pull off, but the hair is easy peasy. Just channel your inner Ariana with a high pony. Maybe throw in some 90’s inspired hair clips. 

The Make-Up: 

This is one you may want to practice before the big night. Maddy is known for her iconic looks. She’s sexy with a hint of girlish whimsy. There are so many looks to choose from, but we love this tutorial for something classy, simple, and cute.

The Outfit

Maddy’s wardrobe is not for the faint of heart. She shows off her petite figure with matchy-matchy fashion in pastel shades. Find something body-hugging, midriff-baring, and don’t be afraid of a floral print!

Jules Vaughn Outfit

Here’s how you can recreate one of Jule’s most iconic looks

Jules is a candy-colored school girl fantasy with futuristic make-up looks. Celebrate a space-age queen with this costume.

The Hair:

It’s hard to achieve this snowy blonde perfection without spending a lot at the salon, so grab a platinum wig with pink tips. It’s a necessary piece of the Jules puzzle.

The Make-Up:

Jules eyeshadow may be difficult for a make-up novice, but stick to bright flashes of neon color and you can’t miss. This vid, featuring Hunter Schafer herself, features a few beginner-friendly eye looks. Keep the rest of your face simple. For Jules & Rue, the eyes have it.

The Clothes:

Think school girl meets spice girl. Anchor your outfit around a plaid skirt, with a cute tee in a coordinating color. A pair of sneakers completes the Jules aesthetic. Not fussy, just fabulous.

Kat Hernandez Outfit

Here are a few of our favorite Kat looks and where you can get dupes to make your own

Everyone loves a good girl gone bad. Which Kat will you go as?

The Hair:

You’ll never regret a black bob wig. It’s cute, looks great on everyone, and it can double for a bad Betty Riverdale look. 

The Makeup:

We’re assuming you’ve chosen sexy, rebellious Kat. Why blend in when you were born to stand out? For this look, don’t be afraid to get a little messy. Glossy red lips, smudgy eyeshadow, more is more. 

The Clothes

Channel your inner riot girl. Kat’s looks are all about competing textures. Think chains, mesh, fishnets, and vinyl. Embrace the vampire color palette: red, black, and more black. Don’t forget those Frankenstein boots.

Cassie Howard Outfit

Here are some of our favorite pieces to recreate a classic Cassie look:

Cassie is a complicated beauty with classic style. She’s always gotten attention for her looks, so she feels confident showing them off. She’s not the most distinct, style-wise, so you may want to do a group costume to convey ultimate Cassie vibes.

The Hair:

Cassie’s hair is shoulder-length, blonde, with a hint of a wave. She’s not known for her hair, so you can get away with a simple style.

The Make-Up:

Cassie keeps it cute with a natural face and smokey eyeliner. But if you want to wear her most memorable make-up look, check out a tutorial for Cassie’s Alabama Worley inspired mug.

The Clothes:

Cassie is cute and girly, her everyday outfits are a mix of athleisure and flirty, figure-hugging casual wear. If you want the world to know who you’re dressed as, go full Alabama Worley, or strut like a peacock in her figure skating fantasy look.

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