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The Best Fortnite Gifts for the Gamer in your Life

Fortnite players are not ashamed to admit that they play Fortnite. They’ll play it, stream it, and spend hours posting about it on social media. Of course, what is a Fortnite fan without some Fortnite merch? Whenever you see a friend or loved one so engrossed in an activity, the healthy thing to do would be to help them find balance in their life. Fortnite isn’t just a game; it is a lifestyle choice. You can be that particular person in your life one of these many Fortnite gifts because you are an enabler.

Fortnite Jenga

fortnite jenga

Fortnite is a game where you tear down structures so you can build them right back up, and what better game to emulate this in real-life than Jenga? Yes, in Jenga, you purposely tear down a structure only to build it right back up and repeat the process like it isn’t tedious or monotonous at all, but isn’t that all Fortnite is? The same thing over and over? Fortunately, Fortnite Jenga comes with a twist of fun challenges as they work their Fortnite character to the top.

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Do Not Disturb Gamer Door Sign

fortntie do not disturb sign

Fortnite isn’t just a game you can play for only ten or thirty minutes. Fortnite is an experience. What that means is that you start up Fortnite, and then suddenly, half the day is gone. The only way to really have any concept of time when playing Fortnite is when someone knocks on your door to tell you that dinner is ready. This sign will keep anyone out of a Fortnite player’s room so they can play as long as their energy drinks allow them to.

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Fortnite V-Bucks

fortnite v-bucks

Everyone is clamoring for Fortnite V-Bucks. If you really want to enable the Fortnite gamer in your life, Fortnite V-Bucks is one of the best gifts for Fortnite players; you can get them. That’s because Fortnite V-Bucks allows them to purchase weapon skins and character skins, so they’re not the annoying default character. Even though skins have no impact on the gameplay, they feel as if they’re somehow dominant compared to default skins.

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Fortnite Llama Loot Plush

fortnite lamma plush gift

Fortnite players have to sleep eventually, right? Sometimes, they need to hug something so tight to remember what it is like to feel after playing Fortnite for hours every day, like their lives aren’t completely wasted. It’s a painful but soft reminder of what they’re all fighting for in the game. They’re not fighting over the llama, and honestly, there’s no indication of how the llama fits in the equation at all.

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Fortnite Hoodie

fortnite hoodie

Sometimes there are skins in the game that you wish you could just wear in real life. Of course, that’s not something you actually tell anyone, but the developers of the game really put a lot into some of the character’s skin designs. If you see the loved one in your life playing with a particular skin more often than they do another, then you know this hoodie should be at the top of your Fortnite gifts list for them.

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Fortnite Bedding Set

fortnite bedding

It might be difficult to think of gifts for Fortnite players, but you have to realize: they sleep eventually. No human body can realistically stay awake playing Fortnite all day and night on energy drinks alone. That’s not how the human body works. Fortunately, a set of sheets is one of the best Fortnite gifts because they rest their weary heads at night on the game that keeps them comfortable during the day.

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‘I Paused My Game To Be Here’ Tshirt

fornite tshirt

Gamers don’t like being outside. That’s just scientific fact. Trying to ask a gamer to pause their game to go anywhere is like figuring out how Stonehenge came to be. Fortunately, for the right amount of money or food, you can get your loved one off of Fortnite. However, they’re going to need a way to voice their displeasure without actually saying anything. That’s why this shirt is a great should be on your list of Fortnite gifts for them.

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Fortnite Monopoly

fornite monopoly

Fortnite needs an internet connection to play the game. Unfortunately, sometimes the internet or phone company has an outage. You’re going to know it does because that’s when they come out of their room like an early man emerging from a cave for the first time. Fortunately, there’s a gift you can get them that can keep their Fortnite energy going even when they can’t connect to the game: Monopoly Fortnite.

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Fortnite Nerf Gun

fortnite nerf gun gift

There’s nothing like getting hit in the head with a Fortnite nerf bullet form an imitation rocket launcher. Why not enable the loved one in your life with one of these Fortnite gifts? Yes, a Fortnite Nerf gun isn’t annoying at all, to the recipient of the gift. At least you can find solace in the fact that they’re happy using you as target practice. Fortunately, they’ll only be using this when they’re not on Fortnite, which is rarely.

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Fortnite Backpack

fortnite backpack

Having a Fortnite backpack allows the Fortnite player in your life to live their adventures when they’re out in the real world getting a real-world education. It’s a great way to show off their back bling in real life. Who knows? They might even make a connection with other Fortnite players. Of course, those other players might not have the same cool back bling because you were smart enough to be aware of great gifts for Fortnite players.

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