You are currently viewing Galentine’s Day Gifts for your BFF, or yourself! 

Galentine’s Day Gifts for your BFF, or yourself! 

12 Galentine’s Day Gifts For the Women in Your Life

Valentine’s Day is around the corner and women everywhere are using it as a way to celebrate the female friendships on a day we now call “Galentine’s Day,” a concept brought about by the popular show: Parks and Recreation. Whether you’re single or have someone at home, you leave it all behind to sit around the table with your gals and celebrate the platonic love females share with each other. Here are some Galentine’s day gifts that will show your friends how much you care. And in the midst of all this love, don’t forget to treat yourself too! We won’t tell. 

Personal Safety Alarm for Women 

Do you have a friend who lives in a not-so-safe-area? What about a friend who has to work in a place with a less-than-favorable commute? Fortunately, a product exists that blares an alarm at 115 decibels. That’s only 35 decibels less than fireworks! It’s a cute and convenient panic button! Just tell your gal pal not to test it in the restaurant where you’re exchanging these Galentine’s Day gifts as you might actually induce a panic.

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Foreo Facial Cleansing Brush 


Are your hands just not enough for you when it comes to cleaning your face? Well, don’t worry because there’s a product that can help unclog pores and makeup residue and it’s pretty and pink. The Foreo Facial Cleansing Brush helps remove the impurities better than your hands ever will. You could use your hands, but let’s be real, your fingers just can’t match the soft silicone feel of a facial cleansing brush. The soft feel of the brush might make your gal pal run to the nearest bathroom to try it on their face right away.

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UNCORKED! A Wine Lover’s Party Game


Have your gal’s wine get-togethers gotten a little stale? Are you tired of just sitting around a table swirling wine in your glasses trying to come up with something to complain about? Fortunately, you can get your gal a card game that can spice up any wine party. “UNCORKED! Games Read Between The Wines!” is the perfect party game to supplement any wine party. You don’t even need to know much about wine either because the game is just good silly fun. Of course, it gets a lot more fun once there are a couple of glasses of wine in your system.

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Fujifilm Instax Mini


We’ve been wanting improvements in technology for so long. We’ve basically been begging companies to put everything that can possibly have a camera on it. Now we have drones with cameras. Photo centers are a thing of the past. There was nothing quite like taking an instant photo, watching it print out, then shaking it only to find out the flash gave you the most intense red eye that you needed to take another one. Fortunately, those instant cameras still exist. Best of all, they exist as pink cameras with glitter cases and pink scrapbooks. The perfect gift for your gal pal trying to revive her grandmother’s scrapbooking hobby.

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THE COMFY, oversized sweatshirt hoodie


There’s just something so comfortable about wearing a tent on your body. Maybe that’s why people enjoyed making blanket forts with the couch when they were kids. Who needs a fitting sweater when you can walk around ready to set up camp wherever you are? This is the perfect gift for your gal pal who is always borrowing their boyfriend or husband’s oversized sweater. Best of all, the pockets are so oversized your gal pal can fit almost anything they can think of in there.

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Soothing Under Eye Patches


When you’re in doubt over what you should get your gal pal for Galentine’s Day, then don’t discount the easy route of choosing a beauty or skincare item. If you notice one of your gal pals reaching for five different products just to maintain their beauty, then Under Eye Patches are the perfect all-in-one beauty mask that takes care of it all. Eliminating eye circles? Increasing skin elasticity? Removing wrinkles? What more could one ask for?

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Crystal Infused Water Bottle


Have you noticed the female friend in your life walking around with a boring old plastic water bottle? Have they upgraded to a reusable plastic water bottle, but it’s still equally boring? Fortunately, a product exists that allows someone to infuse their water with crystals in a beautiful shatter-resistant glass bottle. Best of all? They’re charged with whichever crystals they want to infuse their water with. Why infuse water? To ward off vampires of course!

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3-Minute Morning Journal


Forget the fact that there’s probably an app for this. Some people just enjoy the therapeutic benefits of writing anyway. Taking three minutes in the morning to write down their plans so they can reach their goals is a great start to their day, even if their only short-term goal was to write down their short-term goals. It’s a start, at least.

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Jade Face Roller and GuaSha


Have you noticed your gal pal slumped over their desk or table often while rubbing their temple and looking completely done with life? Stress can cause our faces to tense up. Frowning takes more muscles in our face to work than smiling. Fortunately, these high-quality stone rollers don’t just ease the tension in the face, but it has some anti-aging benefits as well. Plus, they also ease tension around the neck.

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Daily Affirmators, with a dash of sarcasm 


We don’t need any more self-help affirmations. We’ve spent the past century with the same boring old affirmations and only a few of us have ever walked out a real success story. However, what if we still want to have affirmations without all the obvious nonsense that is the self-help rabbit hole? Fortunately, these affirmation cards are the perfect Galentine’s Day gifts to help anyone cheer up without cringing to useful inspirational quotes.

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Succulent candles


Candles aren’t exactly decorative. You’ve walked into your friend’s house and noticed their candles don’t really stand out. What can you do about it? That’s right you can get them a 12-piece decorative tealight candles kit. Plus, they’re absolutely cute. Just tell your friend not to put them by other cute things as it could potentially burn them to the ground, but at least they look great!

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Valentine’s day doesn’t have to be just about couples. It can be about celebrating the people in your life that you love dearly. So on February 13, or any day honestly, celebrate by giving your BFFs a Galentine’s Day gift that lets them know how much you love them. And if you see something you like, then…treat yo self! You deserve it too.