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Gifts For 10 Year Old Boys Who Have Everything

Finding the right gift for young boys is no easy task. So you can only imagine how hard it is to find gifts for 10 year old boys who have everything.  So, what can you get for him that he doesn’t already own but will definitely enjoy having? This article aims to guide with 13 gift ideas that even the boys who have everything will appreciate!

Gifts for 10 year old boys

SmartLab Toys Room Defender

This toy can act as a programmable security system for a room through its light and sound effects.

It is a cool gift for boys since it allows them to use door alarms, security access codes, and more, all of which enable them to enjoy feeling like secret agents.

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Coding Jam – music and coding game 

Coding Jam is a game that incorporates game pieces as well as online playing.

If the boy you want to give a gift to spends a lot of time on his Tablet, this gift can be great way to get him to play with actual blocks to explore his creativity.

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Interactive Robot

This is a smart robot that can interact with you using voice and touch sensors.

This gift can allow the boy to have a robotic companion like a little WAL-E as he can speak to the robot or sing, and dance along.

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Detective Kit

This Detective Kit also uses actual hand-held pieces along with a gadget like a Tablet.

It’s a great gift for boys who are into detectives and solving crimes or mysteries. Besides, it allows them to learn about the world in a fun way.

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Robot Kit

This is a robot kit that can be transformed into 14 different kinds of vehicles.

This robot toy not only resembles a mini transformer but also challenges boys to learn through play.

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The Boy’s Book of Survival

This book is like a survival guide for boys that provides advice about how to get out of quicksand, prevent a snakebite or survive a zombie apocalypse!
This gift can make the boy feel like Bear Grylls and prepare him for any adverse situation within a playful learning experience.

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The Dangerous Book for Boys

This Book is all about boys and about how to survive being a boy.
It can answer a lot of questions boys are curious about such as- how to fish, how to find the north star, how to talk to girls etc.

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Secret Mission Binocular set

This is a binocular set that comes with extra lenses and spy gadgets.

If the boy loves Spy movies, he can totally sneak around the house with this set and feel like a spy lurking.

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Construction Building Kit

This is a set of building blocks that allows you to create trucks, planes and other vehicles.
This gift can make the boy feel like an engineer as he builds things while learning about mechanics and creativity.

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Outdoor Explorer Kit

This camping set includes binoculars, magnifying glass, whistle, compass, flashlight and a duffle bag.

This gift an act as a whole package for boys that love outdoorsy activities, exploring and adventures.

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Sit and Skate Street Roller

This is a sled-like electric vehicle that allows kids to sit on top and ride around.

This gift is for the modern Skater boy who can travel back and forth while doing fun stunts with his friends.

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Secret Agent Lazer Maze

This game features spy missions where the player has to navigate through laser mazes using a night vision goggle and complete different tasks like deactivating a bomb!

Boys can have a lot of fun playing with this game by doing timed challenges using their imagination.

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Glow in the dark magnet board

This gift contains a glow-in-the-dark board where you can draw things with a magnetic stylus.

This is also a great gift for boys to boost their creativity through drawing. Besides, displaying the board in the room at night can look cool.

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In conclusion, these gift ideas for 10 year old boy are perfect for the kids who have everything but are looking for more fun and excitement.