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Gift Ideas For Gamers and Video Game Lovers

Do you want to thrill that game-freak friend of yours but don’t know the ideal gift to get for him/her? Are you lost of gift ideas for gamers? If you answered “yes” to those questions, then you are at the perfect place! Below are a few gifts for gamers that would make that game enthusiast friend of yours very happy.

Our favorite Gift Ideas for Gamers and Video Game Lovers

Nintendo Switch


This is a 3.75 pounds gaming console from Nintendo, with a single and multiplayer mode. This gaming system gives you freedom to play anywhere and anyhow as it could be handheld as a single unit and played by one person, or two players can each take one Joy-Con and go head-to-head.

The Nintendo Switch would make a great gift for gamers as they can play the game solo or as a family, each person holding a Nintendo Switch console while sharing one Nintendo Switch Dock connected to a TV which serves as the screen. The model has an impressive battery life of about 4.9 – 9 hours depending on the game you’re playing. You can get the Nintendo Switch for $298.99 on Amazon.

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PlayStation Coasters


If you’re looking for a cost-effective gift that’ll blow your gamer buddy’s mind away, go for the best-selling PlayStation coaster. No, this is not a game but one of favorite perfect gift ideas for gamers. The PlayStation coaster pack contains 4 cocked back metal coasters that give protective cover to your coffee table, desk or bar. With it’s sleek metallic design embossed with PlayStation’s iconic control buttons, your gamer buddy will impress friends anytime they come over. This accessory eases them into a fun-fulled conversation of their favorite games on PlayStation. You should consider buying this gift for your buddy as it’s a great way to have fun while drinking or partying at home.

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Gaming Headset


With the dazzling led light effect of this product, the lightweight BUTFULAKE GH-1 Gaming Headset will leave you stunned. The GH-1 professional gaming headset focuses on what truly matters, and that is production of a balanced, virtual surround sound for all your gaming and music needs. Having a lightweight and comfortable design, you can leave it against your ears and isolate yourself in a magical gaming world for hours and never get tired. The soft cloth and leatherette combination gives you a plush feel and sound isolation that allows you enjoy long gaming sessions.

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Retro Super Mario Brothers Lamp


With this Retro decorative light on your night stand, you bring back the spirit of revolutionary gaming through the 3D Super Mario visual embossed on the perimeter of the lamp shade. The Super Mario series revolutionized the dawn of the video game industry.

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I paused my game to be here T-shirt


This T-shirt, which has a somewhat hilarious inscription on it, is the perfect gift for that game enthusiast friend of yours. The rather funny sentence, “I paused my game to be here,” which is crested on the T-shirt, is one of the many reasons why that friend of yours would cherish it. This T-shirt is no doubt one of the best gift ideas for gamers.

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Retro video game T-shirt


The retro video T-shirt is a T-shirt that comes with a classic arcade graphic. If you have a friend, who loves to play video games, here is the T-shirt you should gift him/her with. This retro video game T-shirt is also the perfect gift idea for Christmas.

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Stranger Things Palace Arcade T-shirt


This unisex vintage 80 T-shirt comes with a design that can put a smile on the face of every video game lover. As a video game gamer T-shirt, this product makes our list for one of the best gifts for video gamers.

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LED TV Backlights


With a LED TV backlight, you can provide video game enthusiasts of your with the best gaming experience. The LED TV backlight comes with several impressive lights that for TV decoration. Who wouldn’t love playing a video game with the best lighting? These LED TV backlights add fun to gaming, which is why it is one of the best gifts for video gamers.

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Nintendo Game Boy blanket


If you are in search of a gift that can thrill a video gamer, the Nintendo game boy blanket is the best pick. The Nintendo game boy blanket is a blanket that has a similar appearance with a Nintendo game boy. Which video game lover wouldn’t enjoy the cozy touch of such a blanket? None, I suppose!

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Desktop Gaming Chair


A desktop gaming chair is a chair made specifically for gamers. Desktop gaming chairs provide the best comfort to gamers while they spend several hours gaming. A desktop gaming chair is one of the best gifts for every video gamer because it will increase their comfort level while they do what they love doing.

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Floor gaming chair


A floor gaming chair comes with features that can make every game lover happy. This chair features two speakers close to the headrest and an integrated subwoofer positioned to pound the back with heavy sound effects or music. A floor gaming chair would be a perfect gift for video gamers because it boasts of features that can add fun to their gaming experience.

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Cord Organizers


You can use cord organizers (which comes in 10 pieces) for several cables like computer/TV cables, power cords, USB cables, and network cables on any sleek and clean surface for homes and offices, such as tables, walls, etc. Video gamers would certainly require the use of this cord for their games, and they will be pleased if you can offer them this cord as a gift.

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Blue light blocking glasses


Blue light blocking glasses protect the eyes from constant exposure to blue light. Video gamers regularly expose their eyes to this light. With these glasses, you’re protecting their eyes while they enjoy their video games. Not to mention, they’re pretty stylish. 

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These gift ideas for gamers will make you their number one fan. That is once, they look up from that game.