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The Best Grilling Gifts For BBQ Lovers

Buying gifts is never easy, especially if your loved one’s passion or interests are extremely niche. Figuring out what to give to the BBQ lover in your life is extra difficult, thanks to the simple fact that they probably already have every single piece of equipment and kitchen tool out there.

So, what do you buy for someone who already has the world?

Well, no worries! Because we’ve got you covered.

Here’s a list of the best grilling gifts that big fans of BBQ will surely love.

Traeger Grills SPC169 Beef Rub

Traeger Beef Rub

Every BBQ lover will tell you how crucial the role of a dry rub is which is what makes this a great grilling gift for meat lovers. They may not look like much, but the robust flavor that they pack into any piece of meat is no joke, turning even the cheapest cut into a dish worthy of a Michelin star. Whether it be a hot spicy rub or an herby tangy one, these will undoubtedly take any type of grilled meat to a whole new level. 

Because of how important a dry rub is, any fan of BBQ would appreciate their very own tin of high-quality and mouth-watering seasoning. This particular rub from Traeger Ribs features a delectable combination of sweet molasses and brown sugar notes, along with a slight kick of chili pepper that adds a whole new dimension of incredible flavors. To add to that, it’s kosher, gluten-free, and GMO-free, which is why it would undoubtedly be appreciated by even the most finicky of your friends.

For those who are known for their phenomenal-tasting dry rubs and expertly-grilled cuts of meat, this one-of-a-kind beef rub would undoubtedly be an ingredient that they won’t be able to stop using!

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The Official John Wayne Way to Grill

John Wayne's Way to Grill Cookbook

When he made his debut on the big screen in the early 1930s, nobody could have predicted just how big an impact John Wayne would have on popular culture and society as a whole. Throughout the decades, he played a whole slew of characters, including fearless cowboys and intimidating soldiers; however, what he is most known for is being an icon who personified the American values that everyone holds in high regard.

Besides his Hollywood career, John Wayne was also renowned for being a man with a healthy appetite, and this cookbook contains more than a hundred of his favorite recipes, from Tex-Mex classics to timeless Western barbecue. More than that, though, it also includes a ton of rare photos, personal anecdotes, and heartwarming stories. Without a doubt, The Official John Wayne Way to Grill is a gift that anyone would love to have, regardless of if they’re a fan or not.

If the BBQ lover in your life is always down to try their hand at cooking new dishes, then they’ll definitely have the time of their lives with this incredible cookbook.

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Shit Load Big 6 Sampler

The best grilling spices

Seasonings are extremely important in any BBQ dish, enhancing the flavor of the cut of meat and incorporating a ton of other incredible and delicious notes into it. Without it, the dish would be plain, bland, and downright boring, which is definitely not something that people would enjoy taking a bite of.

BBQ lovers across the world are always on the lookout for the next best spice mix to use for their dishes, so why don’t you give them a leg up by gifting them with this Shit Load Big 6 Sampler? This bundle contains a pack of each of the brand’s bestselling seasonings: Bull, Special, Good, Aw, Chicken, and No. A single layer of either of these would undoubtedly be all they need to provide a legendary BBQ dish that will be talked about for ages to come! With this gift, you’ll change the way they barbecue for good.

For aspiring grill masters who take pride and joy in creating fantastic spice mixes that blow their tastebuds away, a six-pack variety of dry rubs would be the perfect thing to add to their kitchen cupboards.

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The Grillfather Apron

The Grillfather Apron

Can you even be called a grilling fanatic if you don’t have your trusty apron on? Every BBQ lover knows the value of an apron with an outrageously hilarious print emblazoned on it – while they don’t necessarily add to the flavor of the meat, they definitely make for a fun and great conversation with those around them.

Now, this particular accessory is too hilarious for words, with its clever play on the “The Godfather,” the organized crime film franchise that turned the entire industry upside down, beloved by moviegoers everywhere, and still talked about since its release nearly four decades ago. Let whoever you give this to say goodbye to dull aprons forever and watch their grilling parties transform into a one-of-a-kind event enjoyed by everyone.

Gifting your loved one this adorable apron is non-negotiable, both so they can protect themselves from splatters and to give you a good laugh!

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Heavy Duty BBQ Grill Set

The Ultimate Grilling Set

It goes without saying that the aspiring grill master in your life would kill to have this gift – a bundle of practically every barbecuing tool known to man. From spatulas to forks, and from tongs to a basting brush, and even from skewers to corn holders, this Heavy Duty BBQ Grill Set has them all!

Every single tool inside this case is made fro professional-grade stainless steel that can withstand high temperatures, as well as the test of time. To add to that, the kit itself is lightweight and easy to carry, making it the perfect thing to bring to parties and gatherings, helping these events reach greater heights of success – and flavor. Its portability also means that it can be taken to wherever the grilling party will be held, whether it be in the midst of a dense forest while camping or at a buzzing family reunion in the park.

Help them improve their grilling skills with this BBQ Grill Set! In the end, you’ll be the one taking advantage of every single tasty dish that they’ll whip up using these tools, so it’s definitely a win-win situation for everyone involved.

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BBQ Grilling Basket

A Grilling Rack for Perfect Veggies

Now, a phenomenal BBQ may be all about the piece of meat – its seasonings, its flavor, and the manner in which it was cooked. However, it can’t be denied that side dishes are also capable of improving any grilled dish, thanks to the variety of textures that they add, as well as the delicious and savory taste that they bring.

Now, cooking a side dish isn’t always easy, which is why anybody would appreciate this portable barbecue grilling basket that can fit whatever ingredient the grill master wants! Whether it be fish and vegetables, or shrimp and chops, this nifty kitchen accessory can hold them all! Plus, this gift also comes with a sauce brush to make sure that whatever glaze is there goes on nice, smooth, and even. With this in their arsenal, the BBQ fan in your life would undoubtedly be a hundred percent satisfied with every dish that they whip up.

Enjoy your fantastically-grilled piece of meat with a whole slew of well-cooked side dishes – there’s no better way to tuck into a BBQ than this!

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BBQ Gloves – Meat Claws

Grilling Gloves and Meat Claws

Thanks to the incredible texture that they deliver, shredded BBQ meat is now all the rage, the perfect accompaniment so sandwiches, chips, and a whole slew of other tasty ingredients. However, finely chopping meat is a tedious and boring chore, one that takes a ton of time and effort, which could have been used for something else. Because of this, these Meat Claws are now becoming all the rage in the world of grilling and barbecuing, thanks to how they’re both functional and fashionable.

The benefits of these incredible kitchen accessories are too many to mention; besides finely chopping and shredding cooked meat, they can also act as an instant=read thermometer, allowing you to gauge whether or not the meat is done with just one simple glance. The claws themselves are encased in heat-resistant gloves that protect the user’s hands while they cook, ensuring that they’re safe from cuts, burns, and other sorts of painful accidents.

Thanks to its multiple functions, this pair of gloves would make for the perfect gift for any BBQ fan.

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Branding Iron for Custom Steaks

A Custom Meat Branding Iron

Preparing and cooking the perfect piece of meat is a skill that takes years of practice and effort, which is why grill masters are extremely proud of themselves the minute they produce a flawless cut. Many of them would undoubtedly love the opportunity to put their own mark on the dish – sort of like a signature that lets everybody know that they were the ones responsible for the meat’s awesome flavors and delectable textures.

With this Branding Iron, they can do exactly just that! A fun twist on the tools used by cowboys in the Old West to mark their cattle, this handy kitchen accessory is coated with rustic black powder to give it a more authentic feel and boasts of a distinct script that will definitely help a dish stand out from the rest. Gifting your favorite BBQ lover this tool would allow them the experience of a lifetime as they put their own unique brand on their perfectly-cooked steaks, burgers, and buns.

Without a doubt, grilling parties will be extra fun if your favorite grill master has this nifty tool up their sleeve!

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We hope these grilling gifts gave you some inspiration on what you buy your BBQ obsessed friend for the next summer cookout. 

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