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Halloween Costumes for Babies and Newborns

Nope, No, they can’t eat candy or go trick-or-treating. Halloween costumes for babies might seem pointless to some, but you deserve fun. What’s more fun than dressing your tiny human up for Halloween. It’s something you’ll cherish forever, and they’ll definitely feel embarrassed about when you share the TBT photo in 20 years.

We scoured the internet and found 20 of the cutest Halloween costumes of newborns and babies that you can get online in 2019.

Here are 17 of the absolute cutest Halloween costumes for babies

Baby Skunk Halloween Costume

They’re smelly but you love them. Don’t worry, this costume is unscented so the only thing you’ll get a whiff of is that sweet newborn smell, unless, well…you know.

Get the costume, here. 

Baby Gnome Halloween Costume

Cuteness overload might be too much with this adorable gnome costume that’s perfect for those chilly autumn nights.

Get the costume, here. 

Baby Monkey Halloween Costume

Give them some mushy bananas and make sure there are no bugs in their hair. Your little monkey can now play the part in this adorable and cozy monkey costume.

Get the costume, here. 

Baby Wonderwoman Costume

It’s a bird! It’s a plane! Actually, it’s the cutest Wonderwoman on the planet.

Get the costume, here. 

Disney Onesies 

Live somewhere warm? Obsessed with Disney? Can’t decide which costume? You really don’t even need an occasion to dress your baby in one of these Disney onesies inspired by some of the your favorite Disney movies.

Get the pack, here. 

Baby Ghostbuster Marshmellow Puft

Marshmellow Puft might be a monster in Ghostbusters world but we see nothing but cuteness here.

Get the costume, here. 

Newborn Ghostbuster Marshmellow Puft

And in case the baby Puft wasn’t cute enough. Now your newborn can get in on the fun too.

Get the costume, here. 

Elvis Presley Baby Costume

Say hello to the new King of Rock and Roll. Ok more like, Rock-a-bye-baby, but there’s no denying this tiny Elvis will make you squeal.

Get the costume, here. 

Baby Jack Jack Halloween Costume

Your baby might not be able to change their form or help your family save the world. But they have a superpower that makes everyone around them smile!

Get the costume, here. 

Baby Sea Turtle Costume

Turtles are wise, smart and live a long life. And contrary to popular belief they don’t have Australian accents.

Get the costume, here.

Crocheted Lady Bug Newborn Costume

We can’t get over this crocheted ladybug costume. Cuteness over is on 100.

Get the costume, here.

Baby Pineapple Costume

The sweetest fruit on earth that may or may not belong on pizza but definitely belongs on a baby on Halloween.

Get the costume, here. 

Monkey Swaddle Newborn Costume

You won’t have to worry about your monkey jumping on the bed when they’re wrapped up tightly in this super cute and comfy monkey swaddle costume with matching hat.

Get the costume, here.

Baby Lamb Costume

Swaddle your baby nice and cozy while you enjoy the brisk autumn weather without worrying about them being cold in this super-soft lamb costume.

Get the costume, here. 

Baby Banana Costume

Snuggly, soft and the perfect shade of yellow. Now you can dress your baby like your favorite potassium filled fruit.

Get the costume, here. 

Newborn Baby Crochet Mermaid Costume

Now that they’re part of YOUR world, they might as well dress like a mermaid. Whether you actually use this as a Halloween costume or for an impromptu Instagram photoshoot, we won’t tell.

Get the costume, here. 

Burrito Baby Blanket Costume

This burrito blanket is so realistic you’ll want to lean in and take a bite. If you want a no-frills, no-fuss costume, just wrap your baby up, burrito style.

Get the costume, here.