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10 Magical Mermaid Gifts For Any Occasion

Mermaids are beautiful, magical creatures that we all admire. Years ago, you probably were the biggest fan of Little Mermaid and wished you had a mermaid’s tail, or at least their bright coloring. Well, even though you were unable to get either then, you can make up for it now by making another little girl’s wish come true. If your daughter, niece, little cousin, younger sister, goddaughter, or even your favorite student’s birthday is coming up, a mermaid gift might just be all it takes for her to flash her toothy grin!

Our 10 favorite mermaid gifts

With mermaid gifts like mermaid tail backpacks, bath bombs, and craft gifts, you can show your little one just how much you know and understand her. So for mermaid gift ideas, check out this list below!

Mermaid Tail Gel Pens

mermaid gel pens

Another lovely mermaid gift idea is the Mermaid Tail Gel Pen. This lovely gel pen pack has unique and catchy fishtail designs that draw attention. The recipient of the gift, whether your sister or your daughter, will be more than excited to whip out this pretty pen to write (or pretend to) just to show it off! The Mermaid Tail Gel Pen is also refillable hence can be used for a very long time. If you have a child who is often reluctant to do her homework, try buying her this lovely gift. She might just transform into a homework-lover right before your very eyes.


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Mermaid Bath Bombs

mermaid gift bath bomb

Bath bombs are, without a doubt, one of the best gifts you can give a woman, especially one who works often and hardly gets time to herself. Gifting her with a bath bomb subtly tells her that you believe she’s earned a nice, long soak in the tub and a blissful night rest right after. And gifting her with a Mermaid Bath Bomb tells her that you want her to have some fun while at it. And for your little kiddos, the mermaid bath bomb will definitely make them giggle once it starts to bubble and they find the cute mermaid necklaces in the water!

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Mermaid tail blanket

mermaid tail blanket

Bring a smile to your little girl’s face by gifting her with this lovely Mermaid Tail Blanket. The best part about it is, while mermaids are probably freezing underwater in the winter months, your daughter’s tail will keep her warm and dry instead! The mermaid blanket also comes with a sports bag and necklace hence you can give her a three in one gift for her special day. You can also gift your favorite woman this warm, cozy blanket for Valentine’s Day and Christmas as it’s not just functional but also aesthetically appealing.

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Mermaid tail makeup brushes

mermaid makeup brushes

Who wouldn’t love to have a Mermaid Tail Makeup Brush? Instead of the regular plain makeup brushes, this cute set can add some color to a makeup table. The set also includes a contour, highlighter, lip, blush, and eyeshadow brush. With super soft brushes and a lovely mermaid tail pot to store them in, this is one gift girls of all ages are sure to appreciate.

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Mermaid Tervis Tumbler

mermaid tervis tumbler

Gift your loved one a Mermaid Tervis Tumbler to store their favorite drink when out on the road or working in their offices. Not only does this tumbler have a lovely mermaid design but it also has a travel lid that keeps drinks from spilling. It also keeps hot drinks hot and cold drinks cool so they can be enjoyed all the way through. For that friend or sister who’s always on the go and of course, loves mermaids, this mermaid themed gift will definitely steal her heart!

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Mermaid drawstring backpack

mermaid backpack

Every little girl needs a backpack for sleepovers with her besties and there’s no better backpack to gift her with than the Mermaid Drawstring Backpack. With its colorful glitters and mermaid tail design, the sequin backpack will transform her into a little mermaid! Your daughter will also love the way the bag shines and shimmers under the sun as she walks and her little friends will definitely enjoy drawing words and patterns by dragging their hands over the bag!

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Mermaid craft kit

mermaid craft kit

The Mermaid Craft Kit is the ultimate mermaid themed gift for your favorite little girl! The kit provides a colorful arts and crafts set that will give her the freedom to create different mermaid themed projects for display or wearing. The process of creating these mermaid wallets, bracelets, necklaces, little mermaid dolls, and mermaid crown is also fun and will get her excited. So if you want to encourage creativity in your daughter, this mermaid themed gift is one you should consider gifting her with on her birthday. Of course, you can also enjoy some crafting when she’s taking a nap!

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Mermaid tail duvet cover

mermaid comforter

The last item on this list of mermaid gift ideas is the Mermaid Tail Duvet Cover. This duvet made with high-quality cotton will keep your daughter warm and snug each night while filling her mind with lovely mermaid dreams. Besides being lovely and attractive, this duvet cover also comes with matching pillowcases that will make your daughter’s bed look welcoming and make her eager to go to bed. So for her birthday or any other upcoming occasion, get her the Mermaid Tail Duvet Cover to make her happy!

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A Mermaid Wine Glass

mermaid wine glass

For your adult friend who never outgrew her love for mermaids and still watches Little Mermaid every now and then, this Mermaid Wine Glass will definitely make her squeal. The wine glass is a unique gift with a lovely etching of a mermaid that would never wear off for as long as she keeps the glass. During the summer months, she can sit back by the pool or the beach with her favorite drink in her glass and just channel her inner merwoman.

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Gifting your little one or adult friend who loves mermaids with mermaid themed gifts shows them how much you understand and love them. So consider getting them one or more of these gifts mentioned above for their special day this year!

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10 Magical Mermaid Gifts