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Kitchen Accessory Gift Ideas For Minimalists

Decorating a kitchen is like a blank canvas for many. There’s so much someone can do with it. They can go with the Southern-home aesthetic of organized chaos with certain aesthetic kitchen accessories or they can go with minimal kitchen accessories with a modern design.

There’s something so aesthetically pleasing about a minimalist approach to cooking. Maybe it’s being able to create beautiful dishes using the bare minimum or it’s just the look they were going for. Either way, we’ve put together a list of aesthetically pleasing kitchen accessories for the minimalist in your life.

Minimal Silicone Tools And Utensils

If you want to go minimal, there’s nothing more minimal than having silicone cooking tools with wooden heat-resistant handles. They don’t get in the way, aren’t imposing to the overall aesthetic of the kitchen and don’t melt like cheaper tools do. Nothing worse than having a half-melted pasta fork.

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Minimal Dishware

Nothing screams minimal like having a monochrome set of dishware. There’s no patterns or designs on it. There’s no fun cartoon characters for the children. They’re just dishware with one color and nothing else. It’s great for those wanting a certain look for their kitchen, even down to their dishware.

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Minimal Kitchen Gadgets

Don’t get kitchen gadgets that get in the way of a kitchen’s aesthetic. There’s nothing worse than having a kitchen be one color scheme with a rainbow assortment of kitchen gadgets. It’s a bit disheartening to any chef wanting certain aesthetic kitchen accessories. Getting these minimal kitchen accessories for the minimalist in your life will surely put a smile on their face.

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Tea Pot

The days of the round ceramic teapots are over. They may have looked great while animated and singing in children’s movies but the age of Japanese cast iron tea pots is now. No one knows when we made the switch but we’re glad we did since they’re easy to clean and sturdy enough to where they won’t shatter into a million pieces when a cat eventually knocks it over.

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Marble Cutting Board

Any minimalist will love a cutting board that goes with their marble countertops. What minimalist doesn’t have marble countertops? That’s almost rule one for a minimal kitchen. This marble cutting board will blend so well into their kitchen that they might accidentally cut into their own counter if they’re not paying attention.

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Glass Jar Shaped Glasses

These are interesting glasses for those who don’t want their glasses getting in the way of their kitchen’s aesthetic. These are as minimal as you can get for a kitchen as they’re shaped like beer or soda cans for those who believe sparkling drinks taste better depending on the shape of what they’re drinking out of.

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Glass Straws

No more purchasing plastic straws and ruining the environment. These glass straws are for the health conscious and are completely safe. They aren’t toxic to humans either, unless you use them for anything other than what they’re intended for. We’re certainly hoping you’re purchasing them for a minimalist kitchen accessory to drink with and nothing else.

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Gold And Marble Paper Towel Holder

Having a gold and marble towel holder is the pinnacle of minimalism. There’s something about gold and marble that scream luxury. Who wants a boring old wooden paper towel holder anyway. It doesn’t go with the aesthetic of a minimalist kitchen.

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Minimal Bento Box

The Japanese were onto something when they came up with the concept of bento boxes. Having all of your lunch and snacks in one convenient little container instead of lugging around a large tupperware. It’s better to control your portions if you know someone who is trying to lose a little weight.

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Minimal Coffee Mugs

Coffee mugs themselves are already pretty minimalist, so having mugs even more minimalist than that is an achievement in itself. There’s a large hook on the mug which helps prevent any accidents. They also tuck away neatly with a nice little lid to keep the liquid from overflowing.

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Gold-Plated Flatware

Somewhere in history, someone decided that gold was going to be the mascot of minimalism. Fortunately, these gold-plated utensils scream minimalism. Imagine having them out for a dinner party. They’ll be more concerned about getting them dirty than using them at all. That’s why they’re ideal for fancier settings.

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Salt And Pepper Shaker

Finally, if you want to go minimal then you have to go with salt and pepper shakers. They don’t get in the way of anyone’s minimalist design. Nobody wants those large wooden salt and pepper shakers that stand out in someone’s kitchen, especially if it’s an all white kitchen with wooden accessories.

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Happy minimalist decorating!

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