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Schitt’s Creek Gifts Any Fan Will Love

Even though the show ended, that doesn’t mean your Schitt’s Creek obsession has to come to an end too. If there’s one thing we know, it’s that this show only gets better with age…just like your favorite blend of fruit wine.

So whether you want to treat yourself, or make sure the Stevie to your David has the Schittiest birthday ever, here are some of our favorite pieces of Schitt’s Creek gifts to infuse your life with some of that Rose family magic.

Schitt’s Creek Gift Ideas

  1. Rosebud Motel Keychain
  2. Ew, David Cap 
  3. David Face Mask 
  4. The Crows Have Eyes 3 Movie Poster Tee
  5. Schitt’s Creek Sticker Pack 
  6. “Fold In The Cheese” Cutting Board
  7. “You Get Murdered First” mug
  8. Schitt’s Creek – Accessory Pouch
  9. Schitts Creek Prayer Candles
  10. Classic David Rose Quote Mug
  11. Rosebud motel notepad
  12. Rose Apothecary T-Shirt
  13. Moira Rose Socks

Schitt’s Creek Funko Pop!

  1. David Rose Funko Pop
  2. David Rose On the Farm Funko Pop
  3. Alexis Rose Funko Pop
  4. Moira Rose Funko Pop
  5. Johnny Rose Funko Pop

Here’s a closer look at some of our favorites:

Schitt’s Creek Sticker Pack 

Put these sticker on your phone, laptop notebook, or on your friend David. Trust us, he’ll love it.

“Fold In The Cheese” Cutting Board

Let this cutting board serve as a small reminder that you just…fold it in. And that YouTube can teach you anything you need to know.

“You Get Murdered First” mug

Now you can memorialize one of the funniest moments in TV history in your cabinet. 

Schitt’s Creek – Accessory Pouch

Schitt's Creek Makeup Pouch

How else are you going to carry all of that Allez-Vous makeup if not in a pouch plastered with the faces of your favorite townies. 

Schitts Creek Prayer Candles

Schitt's Creek Prayer Candles

Say a prayer for those who really matter, the Roses.

David Rose Funko Pop

He’s trying really hard not to connect with people right now. And luckily, since he’s a plastic doll, he will never have to.

David Rose Funko! Pop - Schitt's Creek

David Rose On the Farm Funk

There’s a bug on his dress. Ew, fuck!

Alexis Rose Funko Pop

Alexis Rose Funko! Pop - Schitt's Creek

She’s a Lamborghini. She’s a Hollywood star. She’s a little bit plastic, but she’ll still go far. 

Moira Rose Funko Pop

Moira Rose Funko! Pop - Schitt's Creek

When she is positively bedevilled with meetings etc. she can be memorialized on your mantle forever.

Johnny Rose Funko Pop

Johnny Rose Funko! Pop - Schitt's Creek

And rounding out the Schitt’s Creek Funko Pop Collection is our dead old dad Johnny. We might not understand his jokes or colloqiualisms, but we love him nonetheless.

Classic David Rose Quote Mug

David Rose Quote Mug

When that coworker just won’t get the hint, hold this mug up high and take a big sip. This is one of our favorite Schitt’s Creek gifts and the ultimate relatable content from David Rose. 

Rosebud motel notepad

Rosebud Motel Notepad - Schitt's Creek Merch

For when you need a place to jot down a quick reminder or pass a note to your boss that there may or may not be a dead guy in room four. 

Rose Apothecary T-Shirt

This shirt is just the perfect way to pick organic cheese and locally produced wine. Whether you’re headed to Elmdale Community College or headed on the way to a screamnastics session, do it with style. 

Moira Rose Socks

Moira Rose, Fruit Wine Socks

A subtle nod to your favorite TV matriarch. Although Moira wouldn’t be caught dead in white character socks, she will appreciate the gesture of you wearing her on your ankles.

Rosebud Motel Keychain

Ew, David Cap 

David Face Mask 

The Crows Have Eyes 3 Movie Poster Tee

For even more Schitty fun, check out our Schitt’s Creek Outfit Guide to dress like your favorite townie.


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