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Schitt’s Creek Halloween Costumes

If you’re reading this, I don’t need to tell you that Schitt’s Creek is an instant classic. You don’t get more snarky one-liners, heartwarming family moments, and infuriatingly frustrating (albeit hilarious misunderstandings) in any other show on television. If you’re like me, you’re just working on the courage to rock a classic David or Alexis style IRL. While there’s no reason to be afraid, and you should just GO FOR IT, there’s no better way to wade into some funky fashion choices than with Schitt’s Creek Halloween Costumes.  Step into Rose Fashion territory and create a look inspired by one of the members of our favorite Canadian TV family. Pick a classic look or go for an episode-specific ensemble. Either way, we love this for you.

Here’s my take on the best…

Schitt’s Creek Halloween Costumes


schitt's creek halloween costume broke moira rose

Moira Rose Shopping for a Car

‘ELLO LOVE! This is how poor people dress right? Did I say poor? I meant…uhhh trendy. Yes, you need to look trendy so that you can get the best deal on a car. If all else fails, break out the story of your estranged twin sister and hope that no one Googles you.

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schitts creek halloween costume david

David’s Day With The Amish

Contrary to popular belief, guests are not always welcome to a traditional Amish feast. Dress up like Alexis totally ignored your text message and Roland is hounding you about stealing his truck, and ask yourself, “does my family love me, or did my mom just think I stole an irreplaceable bag?” Look out for bugs on your dress!

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schitt's creek halloween costumes community service alexis rose

Community Service Alexis

Naomi Campbell wore vintage couture to her community service so there’s no reason you shouldn’t either. Whether you’re picking up trash, painting a fence or scraping roadkill, you’ve never looked this good. So grab your flannel-clad burley partner and get those community service hours.

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For a classic Alexis look, swap out the vest for a floppy hat, and an A necklace, like these:

classic alexis schitts creek halloween costume

schitt's creek halloween costume david rose

Classic David Rose

If you don’t already own some funky blacks and whites, this is the perfect embodiment of classic David. Stay on brand all night by shame eating in the corner, and grab a glass of red, or white, or a rose. Or a merlot that used to be a chardonnay. You like the wine, not the label.

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schitt's creek halloween costume a little bit alexis

La la la la la la, A Little Bit Alexis Halloween Costume

Are you ready? Let’s do it. You’re a Lamborghini. You’re Hollywood star. Your buying this outfit. Oh yes you are. If Alexis can wear high heels while escaping the Yakusa then you can surely put on a show in honor of our girl.

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schitt's creek halloween costume moira rose bedtime

Moira’s Pajama Vest Halloween Costume

Have you ever eaten egg whites and hoped the ceiling would cave in? Yes? Then you’re definitely a Moira. And you surely would not be caught dead looking anything but your best, even during bedtime. Besides, nothing says comfy PJs like a tuxedo vest and a wig.

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johnny rose schitts creek halloween costume

Mr. Johnny Rose

Talk to the hand, son because the ears are no longer working! Of course, we couldn’t leave out the glue that holds the entire Rose family together. Johnny’s eyebrows.

Grab your best suit and throw on eyebrows. Oh and maybe add in a “pint” of raw milk for good measure, throw out some dad jokes, and maybe a chic pocket square

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And there you have it. Best wishes and warmest regards. If you don’t wear one of these costumes, you are incorrect.