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Scrapbooking Gifts for the Master Crafter

Having trouble finding the perfect gift for a creative loved one who loves scrapbooking? No need to worry, you’ve come to the right place! By the end of this ride, you’ll have plenty of options to where you can delight and surprise every scrapbooker in your life.

Now let’s get to the part where we get you inspired. Read on!

The best scrapbooking gifts for the creatives in your life

All in one tool

All-in-one scrapbooking tool

The name says it all! The All in One Tool is a multipurpose tool to complete numerous crafting tasks including the removal of excess paper, creating holes in paper, and many other scrapbooking necessities.

Believe me, every single scrapbook enthusiast NEEDS an All in One Tool and would joyfully sing your name to the high heavens if you gave one to them.

So, What are you waiting for?

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Vintage alphabet stamps

Wooden Stamp kit for Scrapbooking

The Vintage Alphabet Stamps are a handy set of letters and numbers made from wood and rubber. Vintage and High quality, two terms a bonafide scrapbooker would love to hear when it comes to their scrapbooking essentials. If you can go the extra mile to get the Vintage Alphabet Stamps to be a part of the scrapbooker’s arsenal, that automatically makes you the ultimate scrapbooker’s sweetheart.

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Washi Tape kit

Colorful Washi Tape Kit

Gifting the Washi Tape Kit to the crafters and scrapbookers you root for is very much a no-brainer from where I stand. Think about it; every scrapbooker needs a set of accessories and tools to help them enjoy what they do, and the set of premium washi tape kit certainly fits that bill.

Oh! Lest I forget, they come in vibrant colors and patterns too which can have a profound effect on the crafter’s creative process. You can bring so much joy by gifting this one, surely.

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Metallic Paint Pens

Metallic Marker Kit

Think of those times when you were scrambling for a pen and just couldn’t find one… Now, imagine the frustration if any of your scrapbooking buddies have to go through a similar experience. While you and I are probably looking for a pen to write on paper, your scrapbooking buddy is scrambling for a pen, dying to get creative on wood, plastic, stone, mug, glass, etc.

I can only imagine how frustrating that would be!

That’s just it. The big picture laid out to you. Whether your gift of Metallic Paint Pens comes as a surprise or is simply a lifesaver to your favored scrapbooker, it doesn’t matter anymore. Only the delight on their faces when they eventually reach for those set of gel pens should really count.

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Travel journal scrapbooking kit

Travel Journal Scrapbooking Kit

There are only a few other things that you can give to the die-hard scrapbooking enthusiasts that come as close to their hearts as a Travel Journal Scrapbooking Kit will.

The Travel Journal Scrapbooking Kit consists of a variety of themes and scrapbooking papers. This kit is beautiful, inspirational, vintage, and modern. All qualities that help the scrapbooker become better with their crafts.

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Scrapbooking starter kit

Scrapbooking starter Kit

The scrapbooking starter kit is packed with more than 800 accessories to aid the crafter with bringing those imaginations to life. With this, the creative can cut out shapes, use colors and embellishments, stickers, gemstones, and other creative tools like a pro.

The scrapbooking starter kit is a full, complete pack of scrapbooking goodies. What a gift it could be, especially if you’re aiming at gifting it to a scrapbooking rookie.

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DIY scrapbooking album

Blank Scrapbooks

Albums are a necessary item for anyone interested in collecting and storing life’s cherished moments. The DIY scrapbooking album has all the right things. It helps keep things neat and organized while being elegant, stylish, and sturdy all at once. Another perfect gift for those closest to your heart, this DIY scrapbooking album is very easy to use which should also delight your beginner scrapbookers.

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Tape Pen

Tape Pen Kit

Tape pens come in handy when you want to add quick notes to scrapbook pages. The Tape pen can also be used on paper, envelope, diaries, and so on. These Tape pens come in many styles with each producing different results when pressed on a suitable platform. Overall, Tape pens are just colorful, stylistic darlings that are constant in every scrapbooker’s collection. Also, the kids would love this one because they’re super cute!

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Designer paper

Designer Paper

This designer paper pad is where the inspiration for ideas, colors, patterns, and designs are birthed. Designer paper brings a lot of options and styles that can change a scrapbook from plain and boring to fun and creative. This is one of the simplest gifts your loved one would be happy to receive in the world of scrapbooking.

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Decorative Scissor Set

Funky Edge Scissors

I know what you may be thinking; who doesn’t already own a pair of scissors, most especially a scrapbook enthusiast?

Let me tell you, the Decorative Scissors Set differs from the traditional scissor. This scissor set is very suitable for making intricate designs, cuts, edges, borders, you name it. This set is very well designed and each pair of scissors in the set is designed for working with specific materials and designs.

This is no ordinary gift because these are no ordinary scissors.

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Scrapbook frames

Scrapbook Frame Kit

You’re probably wondering, don’t they need something to hold all these together? Because I don’t see a frame yet. Well, here it is. These frames are made with good quality materials and leave some room for little customization if the crafter so wishes. Good thinking from you and it’s all yes-yes if you ask me.

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Lace tape

Lace Washi Tape

The Lace Tape may seem like an insignificant gift but in reality, it does a lot. It can be the difference between a perfectly crafted design and a not-so-perfect one. Lace Tape is unique, delicate, beautiful, and adds a soft feminine touch to any creative project. This gift will surely put a joyful smile on the faces of the creative ladies out there.

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Craftbond scrapbooking glue

Craft Bond Glue for Scrapbooking

A gift of glue? Imagine how thoughtful that would be! A scrapbooker can never have enough glue. This particular Craftbond glue is made from natural products and is suitable for papercrafts, scrapbook, cards, and several other materials. To make it even better, this glue colorless when dry, and the bond is permanent. This is one gift that’s surely going to be put to good use.

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Paper Cutter

Paper Cutter

And finally, a paper cutter! One of the most constant activities involved in scrapbooking is paper cutting, and yet, we placed this gem right at the bottom of the list, how convenient!

Last on this list but most certainly not the least important. If you’re concerned about getting the perfect gift and you need my two cents to help you decide, THE PAPER CUTTER is it! You just can’t go wrong with it.

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