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Fun Summer Activities for Adults and Kids To Do at Home

Staying home in the wintertime is one thing. Once the sun starts to shine and the days draw longer, the whole family will be feeling the urge for some fun summer activities. While heading out to soccer practice and capping it off with an ice cream might not be “the new normal,” summer is still in session.

Fun Summer Activities To Do at Home

There are plenty of activities for adults and kids to do at home to celebrate the summer season. Whether you want to get out and get active or stimulate those little minds over the summer break, fun summer activities are never canceled… and many can be delivered straight to your door.

Slip N Slide

You don’t have to go to a water park to get wet and wild. A Slip N Slide is a classic and favorite toy for kids to cool off when the days get hot. And who says mom and dad can’t join in the fun, too? No matter your age, you’re never too old for the ultimate fun summer activity.

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Sprinkler Splash Pad

Running through the refreshing sprinklers at the park is a great pastime for all. Even with the parks closed, you can create the memories at home for your kids to enjoy just as you did. A sprinkler splash pad is the perfect way to add a little excitement to a much-needed cool down. Plus, this is a great alternative to a Slip N Slide for the youngest kids in your family.

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Ice Cream Maker

Who doesn’t love a good ice cream cone? When summer rolls around, it’s the perfect treat to cool you off after a long day in the sun. While this summer might be one with less daily outings, ice cream is never canceled. Use your spare time to whip up your very own ice cream at home with an easy-to-use ice cream maker. The best part about this is you have the freedom to add all the mix-ins that you and your family love for a real signature flavor.

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Giant Bubble Wand

If you’ve got the space, fill it with joy! A giant bubble wand brings all the fun of bubbles to a massive scale, for a very affordable price. Get the family joined together in a bubble blowing contest of epic proportions. Go head to head to see who can make the biggest bubble. Extra points for every second it doesn’t pop.

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popsicle maker

Making Popsicles

Whether your kids like to squeeze or are old enough to be trusted to hold a stick, homemade popsicles are always a fun summer treat. With these handy popsicle makers, you can fashion your own favorite flavors in no time! Pop some frozen fruit into the mix to load them up on some much-needed energy without breaking from summer excitement.

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inflatable hammock

Inflatable Hammock

Summer fun is best when you can find a little time to rest. This inflatable hammock can be assembled in a flash, anywhere, any time. It makes for the perfect relaxing spot while summer activities ensue in your own backyard or out on a family hike. Prop it up for yourself, or let your kids enjoy it while they have an ice-pop break.

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paddle ball set

Paddle Ball

If you have a “no playing ball in the house” rule, we don’t blame you. Get your kids outside and active with a paddle ball set. It’s like ping pong, but destined for the sunshine. The best part is that paddle ball is a timeless game. Though you might be the reigning champ, once your kids get involved you might be surprised at the competition. It’s the perfect fun summer activity that both adults and kids can enjoy at home.

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projector screenprojector

Projector and projector screen

Summer-ize your family movie night by moving it outside. Thankfully, that doesn’t mean uprooting your TV for patio viewings. A projector and projector screen offer all the fun of the movies while you enjoy the fresh air of a summer night. It’s easy to set up in your backyard and is a fun way to catch up on the latest animations at home.

Warning: your neighbors may become very curious, and you could become the new go-to host.

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 inflatable hot tub

Inflatable Hot Tub

This is a great opportunity for you to finally get that spa-at-home you’ve always wanted without doing any bathroom renovations. You can keep the heat of summer on through the night with an inflatable hot tub. The soft sides make for a safe steamy bath for kids old enough to join in on the fun. Do some stargazing, or hop in right before the movie starts.

Enjoy it before and after the kids go to bed.

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Kitchen science experiments for kids

School’s out, but learning never stops. Keep your kids curious with fun kitchen science experiments made easy. This book gives you plenty of inspiration for kid-friendly science lessons that are present in your everyday kitchen rituals, and beyond. You’ll be tasked with creating ice cream glaciers, finding the melting point of cheese, and plenty of other fun food facts to feed the growing minds of your kids. With the end-goal being snack time, they’re sure to want to join!

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Final Thoughts

Fun summer activities at home are really all about getting the family together. Whether you opt for frozen fruit pops or take turns making the selection for your outdoor movie screening, time spent having fun with family is never wasted.

A little creativity goes a long way when you’re working with things you can do at home. Blend activities together, add personal elements, and let the good times roll! You work hard as a parent, and showing some love with a little summer family fun can be a great joy (especially if that inflatable hot tub is involved)!