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Gifts for ‘The Office’ Super Fans

They’re on their 324th rewatch, and even though the show ended nearly a decade ago, they still find new things to quote every time. They have strong opinions about the true identity of the Scranton Strangler. They can recite “Dinner Party” by heart and know all of the lyrics to ‘That One Night (ONE NIGHT)’ and “Electric City (Scranton. What??)” Ok let’s be real, it’s you. This article is supposed to be gifts for “The Office” fans, but you’re going to buy at least one of these things for yourself.

It’s okay we won’t tell. Ok fine, keeping secrets is hard. Especially when your wife accidentally calls and we just can’t keep it in about your affair. But in that case, we’ll just make up 12 other lies to they’ll never know which one is true.

Like Date Mike’s Kangol hat, these The Office gift ideas will never go out of style.

Ready to feel like every day is pretzel day?

Here are 25 gifts for The Office fans 

Looking specifically for The Office Funko! Pops? There are so many now that we had to give them their own post! Check our favorite Office Funkos here. 

The Office Gifts

  1. Pam’s Teapot
  2. The Office Sweatshirt
  3. The Office: The Complete Series Box Set
  4. A Dwight Bobblehead
  5. This Creepy Dwight Pillow
  6. A Michael Scott Motivational Poster
  7. The Office Colored Pencils 
  8. A Dundee Award 
  9. The Office Stickers
  10. Dwight Schrute “I’m not wearing a wire” keychain
  11. Prison Mike Beer Glass
  12. World’s Best Boss Mug
  13. Pam and Jim Teapot Keychain
  14. The Office themed coloring book 
  15. Michael Scott’s Dunder Mifflin Scranton Meredith Palmer Memorial Celebrity Rabies Awareness Pro-Am Fun Run Race For the Cure T-shirt 
  16. Schrute Farms Sweater
  17. This Man is a Pervert Poster

Here’s some more detail on some of our favorites

Pam’s Teapot

We can’t promise that it comes with a life-changing note in which your secret office crush professes his dying love for you. But we can promise that it will definitely help you make tea at your desk, or clear those pesky sinuses neti pot style. Just make sure the person you’re giving it to doesn’t have to choose between this and an iPod, because, I mean…it’s an iPod.

Buy Pam’s Teapot, here. 

The Office Sweatshirt

Just in time for casual day! If you can’t watch The Office at work then you might as well wear it on your chest so that everyone knows to just smile and nod when you inevitably make a joke that no one gets because it’s so obscure that only seasoned 345x rewatchers would understand. They’ll just look at the t-shirt and say, “oh haha, I’ve only seen a few episodes,” and then you’ll know for sure to write them off completely.

Buy The Office Sweatshirt, here.


The Office: The Complete Series Box Set

The day you fear may eventually come. Yes, I’m talking about the day that The Office is no longer on Netflix. It’s better to prepare yourself now than to suffer from the definite withdrawals that are to come. Besides, the DVDs come with bonus features, bloopers, and you can pretend like you’re way cooler than all of these kids who stream. I can’t believe they don’t know how Netflix used to work, it’s so easy.

Buy The Office: The Complete Series, here. 


A Dwight Bobblehead

Fact: If you can’t find a bobblehead that looks just like you, why not just settle for the next best thing. One that looks just like your coworker who grows his own beets and is a pain in the ass but you love him.

Buy the Dwight Bobblehead, here. 


This Creepy Dwight Pillow

It’s just as realistic as in the movie. Rub your hand across Dwights face before company comes over if you want to keep your non-Office loving friends. It’ll turn into a plain gold pillow, but you’ll know what lies beneath.

Buy the pillow, here. 


A Michael Scott Motivational Poster

If you don’t buy this poster you will miss 100% of the opportunities because there will be nothing around reminding you that you miss 100% of the opportunities you don’t take. Don’t miss this opportunity.

Buy the poster, here. 


The Office Colored Pencils 

Buy the pencil pack, here. 


A Dundee Award 


Are you the bushiest beaver? Do you want to be? Now you can be with your very own Dundee award. Line them all up on your coffee table and remind yourself of

Buy a Dundee Award, here. 


The Office Stickers

Stick them everywhere. Except for your office bathroom because that would be vandalism. Stick them on your phone on your car on your notebooks and everywhere else so that everyone knows your the world’s biggest office fan and will understand why you make jokes that result in so many blank stares.

Get the sticker pack, here. 


Dwight Schrute  Keychain

Get the keychain, here. 


Prison Mike Beer Glass

The worst thing about prison? Even worse than the dementors? The lack of purple headbands. It’s like the people that run the clink don’t even know what real inmates are supposed to wear.

Get the Prison Mike beer glass, here. 


World’s Best Boss Mug

You don’t even have to be the boss to be the world’s best boss. You also don’t have to ever set foot in a Spencer’s gifts to buy yourself a little treat that will let everyone in the office know just how highly you think of yourself.

Get the World’s Best Boss mug, here.


Pam and Jim Teapot Keychain

If tea’s not your thing, you can carry around a reminder of their love right in your pocket. Give this keychain to your lover, partner, or BFF to remind them that you will continue to wait for them until they break up with their fiance and choose a life with you instead.

Get the keychain, here.


Schrute Farms Sweater

America? Irrigation? or Night-time? Now you can feel like you took a trip to Schrute Farms without having to see Mose using the outhouse in the middle of the night. Pick your favorite color and rock this compy sweatshirt all year. When someone asks you where Shrute Farms is, just ask them to check TripAdvisor. It’s the lifeblood of the Agrotourism industry.

Get the sweater, here. 


Michael Scott’s Dunder Mifflin Scranton Meredith Palmer Memorial Celebrity Rabies Awareness Pro-Am Fun Run Race For the Cure T-shirt 

How many of you know someone who has been affected by rabies? Wow. Too many to count. Finally, we’re making some headway on the fight for rabies awareness. You too can spread the word by supporting the one and only race for the cure to finally find a cure to rabies awareness.

Get the MSDMSMPLCRWPAFRRFTC t-shirt, here. 


The Office themed coloring book 

This is one of the ultimate gifts for “The Office” fans because it starts off mundane and by the end is the most colorful thing you’ve ever seen.

Get the coloring book, here. 

This Man is a Pervert Poster


Get the poster, here.


These gifts for ‘The Office” fans will make you the most popular friend who doesn’t even watch the show. And if you’re buying some of these for yourself, well, you deserve it.

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