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Tiger King Halloween Costumes for a Wild Halloween

Hey all you cool cats and kittens, are you looking for a perfect Halloween costume for 2020?

Enter Joe Exotic, Carole Baskin, and a whole ragtag crew of wild animals and even wilder stories. Who could forget those first few days of quarantine, when following these crazy twists and turns made isolation a bit more bearable? Pay tribute with one of these Tiger King Halloween costumes that are sure to make people smile.

Joe Exotic Halloween Costume

Joe has an iconic look you can recognize from across the room. He is broke as shit, refuses to wear a suit, and is damn proud to be who he is. Here are some ideas to harness some of that regal rural swagger for yourself:

The Hair

You may be able to get away with missing a few details, but that bleach blonde mullet is a must-have. Running for governor in the front, eating expired meat in the back. It’s the perfect way to say “I have a local cable access television platform and I will use it.”

Another essential is that handlebar mustache. Joe’s deep brown facial hair, in stark contrast to his mullet, is what makes his look chef’s kiss fantastic.

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The Accessories

Of course, Joe is a man who likes to accessorize. Got to give them the ol’ razzle-dazzle after all. You’ll want to grab some clip-on hoop earrings, don’t forget the brow piercing. This country boy is also a big fan of baseball caps and wrap-around shades. Don’t be afraid to go over the top! In this case, more is more.

The Ensemble

Joe likes a button-up shirt on top (glitter and sequins if your party is a formal occasion), and some classic blue jeans on the bottom. Tie your look together with a giant, patriotic belt buckle.

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The look won’t be complete without a chunky belt buckle 


The Eyes

You’ve got to admit, that eyeliner really accentuates Joe’s steely gray peepers. If you want to capture the King, you’ll want some black eyeliner. It’s the perfect finishing touch.

Group Costume Idea: Grab a couple of extra pink button-ups and your best pals to recreate the unforgettable 3 groom wedding. For this, you’ll want to go formal with a black cowboy hat and your dressiest black jeans.

Carole Baskin Halloween Costume

  1. Long hippie wig
  2. Flower Crown
  3. Classic Carole top
  4. Leopard joggers

It’s fun to go as the hero of a story, but even better to go as that hero’s arch-nemesis. Among a completely deranged cast of kooky characters- Carole Baskin has to be the most polarizing. Whether you love her, hate her, or want her arrested for the mysterious disappearance of Don Lewis, she’s a fascinating character. If you’ve been feeling a little socially awkward, this costume is a guaranteed conversation starter.

The Flower Crown

In the Tiger King universe, Joe Exotic’s mullet and Carole Baskin’s flower crown reign supreme. You simply cannot go without this accessory. Carole’s flower child look is such an interesting juxtaposition to the murder mystery that surrounds her. She has all kinds of flower crowns, from small and dainty to large and luscious.

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The Hair

Carole Baskin likes her hair long. You’ll want blonde, flowing locks to represent her groovy aesthetic. As for style, Carole isn’t too fussy with her mane. She wears it down in natural beachy waves.

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The Prints

For clothing, you’ve got to drape yourself in big cat prints. Whether it’s leopard, tiger, or some multi-color fantasy, Carole insists on representing her big cats with a plethora of patterned tops. In keeping with the wild child look, choose loose and breezy blouses.

For pants, you’ll want to keep the theme going. Carole will sometimes sport a simple pair of khaki shorts, but she’s been wearing the same leopard print pants since the 90s. Who knows, maybe you’ll find a new appreciation for spots and stripes in your wardrobe.

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Don’t forget the big cat!

Both Carole and Joe love their big cats, so a wild critter is a must-have. Pick up a plush lion or tiger to complete your look. Maybe you can even recreate some iconic Tiger King poses for the ‘gram.

Public Health Bonus Points: Want to have a safe Halloween without ruining your ensemble? There’s plenty of fun to be had with a ppe- grab a mask fit for a Tiger King.


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