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White Elephant Gift Ideas Under $30

If you’ve stumbled upon this article, there’s a high chance that you’re looking for some white elephant gift ideas to liven up that holiday party you’re invited to. If you’re a work party where they’re doing Yankee swap or a Secret Santa party. Be that as it may, we know the pressure of finding a gift that’ll make everyone in the party laugh.

Whether you’re searching for a fun and practical gift, or just something to make people smile, we’ve got you covered with this list of the best white elephant gift ideas under $30. 

White Elephant Gift Ideas Under $30

A Squatty Potty


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A personal blender 

It’s small, yet powerful. 

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A wireless phone charger

It works on any smart phone device. 

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Bluetooth Wireless Karaoke Microphone

wireless karaoke microphone as a white elephant gift

This is a microphone that can be connected to your phone using a cable or Bluetooth to sing karaoke. 

It’s a perfect party gift since you can start using it right at the party and watch everyone channel their inner Celine Dion!  

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Bob Ross Chia Pet 

Bob Ross chia pet white elephant gift

Any Bob Ross fan will cherish this gift with love and care. Besides, who doesn’t like Bob’s happy little afro?  Put this in your painting room, or in the living room to always remind yourself to have fun and add color to your life. 

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Retro Hotdog Toaster

retro hot dog toaster as a white elephant gift

It’s silly but useful. Two things that equate to the perfect white elephant gift idea. Plus the bright red paint job and retro, 50’s inspired vibe is perfect for the nostalgic hot-dog lover at the party. Just make sure whoever gets this gift is reminded to watch their sodium intake. 

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Crystal Water Bottle

This bottle will like totally align your chakras and bring positive energy into your life. 

Whether or not you’re into that sort of thing, you have to admit it’s a beautiful bottle that’s an awesome conversation starter and a great reminder to stay hydrated.

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You are F****** awesome adult coloring book 

adult coloring book as a white elephant gift under $30

Didn’t you hear? Coloring is trendy again. And you know what else is trendy? Cursing. Now let’s combine the two for the perfect adult activity and stress releiver that will both remind you of your childhood and make you proud to be an adult who can color the word “f***” within the lines. 

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Dino Taco Holder


Dinosaur taco holder white elephant gift

Who doesn’t want a plastic Triceratops dinosaur designed to hold a taco on its back?

This isn’t just a kids’ meal accessory. It’s for anyone sick of picking up their toppled over taco. 2020 is the year of no taco toppings left behind.  

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French Press Coffee Maker 

This is a unique coffee maker that uses a steep brew to produce coffee.

Needless to say, this is a great gift for coffee lovers. French press coffee is amazing on its own but you can add a bit of seasonal coffee to make it extra special. 

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An Amazon Echo Dot (3rd Gen) 

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Mini Waffle Maker

Do we need to say more than ‘mini-waffles?’ 

This is an amazingly convenient gift for brunch-lovers, breakfast enthusiasts, and Leslie Knope wannabes. Everyone in the party will surely be fighting over this.  

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A Himalayan Rock Salt Lamp 

Himalayan rock salt lamp as a white elephant gift under $30

This is Himalayan Salt rock doubles as a lamp by radiating warm light.

This can work great as a night light or just a cool lamp to create an amber glow in your living space. In addition to the ambiance, it has a relaxing factor that will certainly move people. 

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Wireless Bluetooth Headphones

wireless headphones as a white elephant gift under $30

These are great quality wireless headphones that come with a noise cancelling technology.

This gift is great for music lovers, gym-goers and so on. Besides, you can never have enough headphones. 

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So, what did you think? Great white elephant ideas right? For under $30 your gift can be the one everyone at the party is fighting over, laughing over and adding to their own Amazon wishlists. 

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White Elephant Gift Ideas Under $30