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10 Work-from-Home Tools Every Remote Worker Needs

Working from home is more popular than ever and will only continue to grow. Spending the day in a home office can be a wonderful treat if you create a space that suits your needs and caters to what every office employee looks forward to. When setting up your at-home workspace, refer to our list of these ten work from home essentials that you’ll need to make working from home much easier and much more comfortable. 

10 Work From Home Essentials For The Best Remote Workspace

Leather Desk Pad 

work from home desk pad

Making your home office look professional has never been this easy – or this affordable! This leather pad adds a touch of sophistication to any desk and is large enough to fit both your computer and your keyboard. Made from durable, high-quality, and non-slip material, this will prevent your things from slipping around and will also protect your desk from scratches, stains, spills, and scuffs. Plus, it’s available in a whole slew of colors so it’ll suit a variety of tastes. Without a doubt, this will take your home office to the next level.

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Seat Cushion 

desk seat cushion

Sitting down for at least eight hours every single day is never a good thing and you’ll soon find yourself with muscle fatigue, slipped discs, and back pain. To prevent all that from happening, equip your office chair with this Seat Cushion, a firm and supportive pad that will provide the support you need to maintain good posture and the natural curve of your spine. Its ergonomic design helps increase blood flow and allows you to sit upright naturally without feeling any pain. If you’re experiencing any discomfort as you work, then this seat cushion is most definitely for you.

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Desk Organizer

work from home desk organizer

If you start off your workday by tidying your desk only to find it all messed up again by the time lunchtime rolls around, then this Desk Organizer is your best bet. Multi-functional yet aesthetically pleasing, it comes with two spacious compartments that are perfect for storing your stuff in, as well as two elephant trunks that can hold up either your smartphone or your tablet. Its adorable shape and eye-catching patterned surface also mean that you don’t have to sacrifice good looks for functionality! Keep your desk neat and in top shape with this incredible organizer.

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Yoga Ball Chair 

yoga ball desk char

Looking for an alternative to your uncomfortable and agonizingly painful office chair? Then why not try replacing it with a Yoga Ball Chair? Made of heavyweight vinyl material, this will provide you with more stability and rigidity, allowing you to take on the workday without feeling any aches and pains. It also comes with two adjustable resistance bands so you can work on both your fitness and career goals! This may not be the most orthodox of office furniture but if your job requires you to sit for long periods of time, then you’ll undoubtedly benefit from this Yoga Ball Chair.

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Smart Reusable Notebook

reusable notebook

The Digital Age means that pen and paper are now practically obsolete, what with the availability of note-taking sites and apps. For some of us, though, the old-school way is still the only way to go. But if you’re worried about wasting paper and the effect of your habits on the environment, then try out this Smart Reusable Notebook from Rocketbook. Featuring 42 pages with over seven different styles ranging from planning to listing and to even sketching, this revolutionary notebook allows you to immediately transfer your handwritten notes to the cloud. Afterward, just wipe it down with a damp cloth and you’ll have a brand-new notebook once more! Without a doubt, this is the future of notetaking.

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Posture Corrector 

posture corrector

When you’re working all day in front of a computer, it’s inevitable that your posture starts to suffer. You’ll start to feel your shoulders and neck aching while your back slowly starts to become more and more curved. Naturally, nobody wants any of these to happen to them! Which is why you need this Posture Corrector, a recent development from premier company, Zouyue. This comes with an upper back brace to support your clavicle area, as well as an adjustable back straightener to prevent your bones from aching.

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Portable Laptop Stand 

work from home laptop stand

Having trouble with how small your laptop is? Then try out this Portable Laptop Stand – made of industrial-grade reinforced nylon and premium metal fittings, it will hold up your device so you’ll never have to squint or hunch over ever again! Besides preventing you from straining your eye, it will also help improve your posture even if you spend half the day in front of a screen.

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Adjustable Monitor Stand

Meanwhile, those of you having problems with your computer monitor would really stand to gain from this Adjustable Monitor Stand, which features three different height levels so you can choose the healthiest and the most ergonomic angle for you. It’s extremely easy to install and comes with a number of safety features to ensure that your computer won’t overheat or be damaged in any way, shape, or form. This monitor stand is honestly a game-changer and every home office should come equipped with one!

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Under Desk Foot Rest 

under the desk foot rest

Having to work from home makes you realize just how uncomfortable your home office is, right? It’s full of hard surfaces and poorly-designed furniture that don’t give your aching body any respite! This is exactly why you need this Under Desk Foot Rest; it’s high-density memory foam that provides your soles with cushy yet firm support. It’s sort of like a stress ball for your feet – perfect for those long, boring meetings on Zoom that make you want to tear your hair off!

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